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Those who claim global warming, and those who argue against it, both miss the point that we're in a time of extremes, with prophetic indications.

Whether or not man has added anything to the mix, and whether or not it's warming or cooling, it is a time of gyrations.

Throughout time, if we believe Scriptures (and too many do not), God has spoken through such extremes.

Is the recent cold part of it? Hard to tell. Every decade or two, they see snowflakes near Orlando. But "signs of the times" come through the weather and the frigid blast has combined with other unsettling news (about the economy and threats of terrorism and uneasy memories of the Christmas tsunami five years ago) to bring us to another cycle in which those of a prophetic tendency are again feeling that "something" is coming -- something in line with what has been expected for so many years, something like the run of events signaled by hurricanes several years back, part of an "up-cycle" which one day will culminate in purification.

A few weeks before Christmas, there was the intuition from one woman who believes she receives prophecy that an event loomed around the holidays, and as it happens, there was the bombing attempt onboard a jet heading to Detroit -- not exactly the apocalypse, and not even a disaster, as it turns out (perhaps due to prayer), but possibly the kind of event that can set off "sensors" in the Spirit.

Often, a prophetic prompt is immediately interpreted as foreshadowing a gargantuan event, but most frequently it translates into a smaller incident. Still, it can bear significance.

There are cycles -- series of events, separated by lulls -- that seem to be intensifying as we pass through the years and decades and dig deeper into this millennium and century, which will be more momentous even than the twentieth.

Is it the era of the "big fall" -- the disintegration of the U.S. -- due to immorality (especially materialism)? Is its day over? Has the new world order arrived? Do we face a reversion to simpler, more peasant times?

It may not mean the "day the earth stood still" but a jolting event or trend of some sort -- on the scale, perhaps, of the financial meltdown, Hurricane Katrina, or September 11 -- seems again to hang in the air (like fog from an icing Florida spring).

Something seems to be in the wind.

Large, small, part of the up-cycle?

While looking for apocalypse, we often forget that "smaller" events, like a massive ice storm, can immobilize an entire region.

What if an Arctic air mass hung over the South not just for days but weeks?

Take time to imagine what life would be like if running water, sanitary plumbing, electricity, gas, and food supplies vanished overnight. Residents of the U.S. are nine meals away from starvation, goes the saying within emergency-management circles. It may be noteworthy that of late there have been shows on outlets such as the History Channel portraying what life would be like if a disaster greatly reduced the population and caused a collapse in the infrastructure.

A single event like a hurricane can empty supermarkets and Wal-Marts in hours.

In Europe, the weather already has led to gas and food shortages.

Does it then hurt to have canned food and other supplies in a corner of a closet, enough for several weeks, or more, in case of a larger event?

Back to the climate: sunspots that often parallel warm temperatures are currently at a low point some believe is similar to the Middle Ages, before a little ice age.

Reports a news blog: "Solar physicist David Hathaway of the NASA Marshall Space Flight Center had previously declared in 2008 about Solar Cycle 24 that it was 'the blankest year of the space age,' a declaration he revised in 2009 when he stated 'This is the quietest sun we’ve seen in almost a century.'" This is after years of intense such activity -- again, extremes.

So powerful has this Deep Solar Minimum been during this cycle according to the blog that "scientists have reported a 50-year low in solar wind pressure, a 55-year low in solar radio emissions, and, most importantly, a 12-year low in solar 'irradiance'; the sun’s brightness which has dropped by 0.02% at visible wavelengths and 6% at extreme UV wavelengths since the solar minimum of 1996."

That could soon swing back to the opposite -- another trend of warming -- if we listen to Russian scientists who claim that our sun’s "worst Deep Solar Minimum in a hundred years has been broken by a newly discovered comet currently plunging towards its surface that has increased this past months sunspot number to 15.7, the highest it has been in solar cycle 24 since March, 2008, and has caused a massive eruption of C-Class flares for the past 16 days," says the same blog.

We'll check with NASA.

Meanwhile, there is the seismic issue, and whether small quakes may presage larger ones. Last week California felt a small one in the Bay Area right after reports that the sea lions had abandoned their famous perch near San Francisco. Then a quake hit off the coast of northern California. And the sea lions were rediscovered five hundred miles away (in Oregon).

How wondrous is nature!

And disasters?

It is not good to obsess about things as it is also not good to ignore them. The Holy Spirit will grant the balance; in prayer, He will let us know what we need or don't need (for whatever eventualities).

The scenario on the History Channel revolved around a global pandemic. Thankfully, swine flu thus far has not mutated into a virulent strain (as in 1918). But are there still threats?

"I read with interest your article about pandemics and prophecies," said e-mailer Jon Wolff. "In April of last year, my brother in Alaska wrote to me about a neighbor who claimed to have 'a billion tiny parasites' living in his and his wife's bodies; they could feel them crawling under their skin. When the man had his gall bladder removed, it was enveloped by a cocoon of tissue. Although not taken seriously at first, they were eventually diagnosed with some kind of strange parasitic invasion and are taking medicine for it. However, their dog died and an autopsy revealed the dog's brain had 'turned to mush,' and now the CDC is involved. We do live in strange times. Ironically, it wasn't the army doctors who diagnosed his friend (he's a veteran), but a veterinarian to whom he had taken his dog. It makes you wonder if what the man and his wife contracted made a leap from one species to another."

As for terrorism: In the cyber rumor mill is a claim that a former Mossad agent, Juval Aviv, who served as bodyguard for Golda Meier and once warned the U.S. that planes would be used against buildings and also foresaw the London terror bombings is now saying that terror networks plan to hit five to eight U.S. cities with conventional bombing techniques (suicide as well as non-suicide, but no nuclear) within three months. Places like Las Vegas and Disneyland and the large cities but also in the hinterlands. The terrorists of the future will be "homegrown," it is said he says -- educated and perhaps raised in America.

The scenario sounds credible but the problem:, a watchdog for internet rumors, says the agent is not documented as having warned of 9/11 and did not appear on TV predicting the London bombing, as blogs claim. Beware of internet rumors.

But also, beware of letting the guard down.

There are and have been extremes of weather since 1990 and the great upsurge in alleged Marian revelations. Up to now, and since the 1880s, the world has been warming with a number of variances (winters that were abnormally cold, as in the 1970s and perhaps this year). One season does not define a trend. Remember, there is a difference between "climate" and "weather." The 1990s and the first decade of the 21st century saw some of the warmest years ever recorded, according to officials who served in the Bush Administration's Nation Climatic Data Center as well as the current administration. 

But it would be no surprise here if we now flipped to a trend (an extreme, and as such a "sign") in the other direction.

As for prompts in the spirit, or what some think are prompts:

"I want to say that two years before September 11 happened I had a dream, and I heard God's Voice tell me that His Grace had almost run out," claims another e-mail from a Richard Tassey (forwarded our way, to give you an idea of the mailbag). "I saw all September 11 just like I was there and among the people, and when it happened doubters knew I had heard from God.


"The reason I am writing you is He has now given a new dream. I saw an angel in the sky up above the earth and to the east, and when it moved there was a bright explosion of white light. All of a sudden it turned into a bluish white ring of fire and started to move in every direction. I was told that it is one of God's final chastisements on mankind for the evil that is so bad, and this ring of fire will kill millions. Those that go in and pray and repent and do not look upon it will live. I know you will not believe me, but I have to do what the Father wills and he wants me to tell as many as I can so they will have time to repent. Please believe what I am saying:"


We are not scoffers. We will weigh it. Skeptical? Of course.


We do note, with curiosity, others who at the same time have sent us articles related to a supernova.

"The Earth could soon be wiped out by the explosion of a star more than 3,000 light years away, according to American scientists," said another science blog.

"The star, called T Pyxidis, is set to self-destruct in an explosion called a supernova with the force of 20 billion billion billion megatons of TNT. Although the star is thought to be around 3,260 light-years away – a fairly short distance in galactic terms – the blast from the thermonuclear explosion could strip away the Earth’s ozone layer, the scientists said. Astronomers from Villanova University, Philadelphia, in the U.S., said the International Ultraviolet Explorer satellite has shown them that T Pyxidis is really two stars, one called a white dwarf that is sucking in gas and steadily growing. When it reaches a critical mass it will blow itself to pieces."

And then?

Well, who knows!

There is a lesson in this, no?

That anything could happen -- but for God, Who can keep anything away.

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