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In The Mailbag: Pulsing Prophecy Stretching From 'Signs' to Alleged 'Messages'

There is a sense of something in the wind as there often is at Lent but we can extend that to a general sense that the next months and years will be special ones. This entire century will be very special.

A purification is in progress. Smaller events -- "signs" -- will graduate into major ones. We think of this especially during Holy Week!

Some have been lulled into complacency. Others never believed it to begin with. Still others are somewhere in-between, many of them noticing that events with an unsettling undertone have occurred.

Katrina. The Asian tsunami. September 11. These are only some of the events that stack up to a highly unusual time laden with "signs of the times" for those with eyes to see. When we hear that the most credible seers in the world are reporting new words from the Virgin Mary, as well as saying she is "increasingly sad," we sit up and take notice.

We always warn about times and dates (as we will do again now) but often we find relevance in the Mass reading of the day, as in a recent that said:

"When you speak all these words to them, they will not listen to you either; when you call to them, they will not answer you. Say to them: This is the nation that does not listen to the voice of the Lord, its God, or take correction. Faithfulness has disappeared; the word itself is banished from their speech."

Be careful about extremes but also be careful to be open to the Spirit.

Only through prayer will you discern and the greatest discernment involves what we need to improve our own lives. When we do that, we have no fear.

But it is a serious time and we will let the prophecy speak. You discern. Many are those who send us "words of knowledge" that echo what was reported recently in Dublin, Ireland -- where, as a correspondent from there, Margaret Fitzsimons, related on March 26:

"A priest in County Sligo was saying Mass in the parish church this week and during Mass he stopped and stared into space for about ten minutes. (People thought he was sick.) Then he continued. When it came time for the Consecration, he could barely lift up the Host, or the chalice, and he was trembling. Then he had to sit down while he finished Mass. After, he explained that he had a vision of a terrible catastrophe, and told the people to pray."

There is a current darkness. There are peculiar storms. At left we can see how an exceptionally rare weather occurred at Hefei in China's Anhui province on April 4. A preternatural darkness enshrouded the city during the noon hour for some twenty minutes and cars had to turn on their lights -- not just as a precaution, but to see. Lightning was accompanied by great peals of thunder.

In the U.S., it has been tornadoes. Normally the nation sees about 70 tornadoes between January and March; this year there were 228 reports of tornadoes in March alone. (With the number of sightings over the weekend, according to the National Weather Service, we're already looking at 450 for the year.)

As for those other kinds of "signs" in the sky:

"My name is Sophie and I am from Atco, New Jersey," writes a viewer. "I was on my way to work on March 1, 2006 (Ash Wednesday). I typically leave my house at 5 a.m. and it is always quite dark outside and since it is so dark, I typically do not see any clouds in the sky. Of course on March 1st, I pulled out onto the main road and saw just the most unbelievable site in the sky, three distinct cloud formations as I had never seen before. 

"The first was an angel as if flying across the sky. The thing that hit me was that the features on the angel were just so clear and distinct ...down to the features on the face of the angel...the angel had shoulder-length hair, a small nose, and a small chin. The angel was also wearing a robe tied at the waist and I did not see any feet on the angel. He was flying across the sky and holding a torch. The torch was being held to two other cloud formations. The cloud formations were two very tall tower like clouds. These tower like clouds seem to reach from Heaven and go down to the earth.

"This cloud formation stayed with me until I hit the end of the main road and  made a left onto the road that leads me to Philadelphia. I must tell you that I was so mesmerized by this cloud formation that I was driving about five miles an hour just to take it all in and on a main road where even at 5 a.m. we have folks driving all the time....there was no one on the road! I was amazed. I must tell you that for some time....I have had this feeling of something  going to happen shortly to our society-culture that will forever change our culture."

And so we discern. How much is real? How much is "coincidence" (if there really is coincidence)? Noted another motorist named Kimberly in Brockway, Pennsylvania:

"Last night as I was driving to Bible study, I came to the top of a mountain...  I just happened to look out on the horizon and what I saw nearly made me drive off the road. There was a bright red-pink pillar of light rising up from the earth into the sky. It was a short while after the sunset... so I assume it was some sort of light reflection, but yet it was like nothing I have ever seen! It was perfectly straight up: it didn't bend around the clouds, or through them. It was amazing! I felt a deep peace in my heart... a deep love. But at the same time a sense of urgency. And a thought... Divine Mercy." (Let us remember that this Good Friday begins the Divine Mercy novena.)

"Sunday morning as usual at 5:15 a.m. I walked the dog," says yet another reader, Jennifer Spillett, of Cape Coral, Florida. "On this morning we had a cold front coming in and the moon was behind all of the clouds that were moving at a very rapid pace. Suddenly the moon appeared in brilliant glory. I could see the swift clouds below it. The next thing I knew, a second moon appeared directly below the original moon (not touching each other). My heart went in my throat and I thought there must be some explanation for this and continued to watch, moving my position to see if it would change anything; it did not. Finally a third moon appeared, now the three made a triangle shape with the original on top and the other two on the bottom. I don't look for signs from God, I don't need them, I just let God lead me, but sometimes I feel God gives us these signs to show us just how serious he is about this world changing."

Is it all coincidence? Imagining? Or are we being prompted to "prepare"?

"I thought you might enjoy reading what this 8 year child from a public school in Atlanta wrote when the teacher asked the entire class to write something about any subject they chose," writes Jose Rene Guzman. "The teacher sent it to his mother. I have her permission to send it to you:


"People are mean, People are dark,
"Laid upon with the evil mark.

"The darkness grows, the great light goes.

"The dog of doom names its evil bark.

"The world becomes so dark and bleak
"Nobody chooses the path we seek.

"The light is in true despair,
"The darkness grows everywhere.

"The darkness has power, evil, sin,
"But the light of light will surely win. (Johnny Knoll, third grade, Ms. McMahan)

There is also the former nightclub owner, Ned Dougherty -- who came back to the faith after an alleged near-death brush and claims to now receive occasional messages.

Such was the case, says Ned, upon a recent trip to Pontmain, France -- where Mary appeared to children in 1871, perhaps because they were open to it. Others couldn't see her -- only a void in the sky where the children said she was appearing, as if something was blotting out the stars. She brightened as they prayed. And she interceded, saying that through those prayers she could help France during an onslaught from Prussia.

The German army was invading the area; a typhoid plague was out of control; and smallpox was also spreading from village to village. Even the natural elements seemed to be disturbed with unusual signs from Heaven: a striking aurora borealis and erratic weather patterns, as in our current time. In a region of France that seldom saw snowfall, it had been snowing day and night. There was even an earthquake that led up to the apparition.


Upon his visit, Dougherty says he was told (we excerpt) in the apparition chapel:


"My children! There is much that you need to know and learn about the future of the world.


"My beloved France has been caught up in the secularization of the world, in the material things that bring you great comfort, but only fleetingly. I see now how my children are living and it saddens me. They do not know of my love for them or of the love of my Son for them. The churches are closing or closed all over France and now this is happening throughout the world where the people have become materialistic and have lost their spiritual roots.


"Now around the world, the new world order is taking charge of the affairs of all of mankind in every country but, alas, their intentions are not for the good of the people. The order they speak of is not the order of God the Father, or of My Son, The Redeemer of the world, or of the Holy Spirit.


"The plan of the new world order is a deceit of the evil one who is planning on conquering the world, but he will not be successful. The original order of creation, as provided to you by God The Father, will prevail for the benefit of all mankind, but not for the self-appointed few who believe it is within their power to control all of you for their own enrichment.


"The time will come soon when there will be a great collapse within the world that will affect many of your economies. These will be sad and grave times for those of you who have not been listening to my messages.


"You are all here today on the face of the planet because you have very important work to do for the Lord and Savior. It is through your powerful prayers in these times that the world will be changed for the better and the Era of Peace will be ushered into and around the world. The changes will be brought about by you the Chosen Ones, and not by the ministers of my enemy, the evil one, who is attempting to bind the world in materialism and greed, bringing doubt to the world concerning the promise of the Father and The Son of an eternal paradise in Heaven. How is it that you continue to raise armies and bear arms against your neighbors?


"So know now that the time is near when great changes will come about on the planet. Know that you have great responsibilities to reach out to your brothers and sisters and bring them back into the arms of My Son for it is only through Him that great changes will come about in the world..."


Again, we discern not only seers, but also each message, taking from such what seems right to our spirits. We present the range of viewpoints. One viewer asked how we felt about the apparitions at Garabandal in Spain (those views are found in The Final Hour). "A great 'miracle' is supposed to occur on a Thursday at 8:30 p.m. in the month of April between the seventh and the 17th of the month, which this year falls on Holy Thursday," she noted.

Again, we caution on particular dates and otherwise leave it to your discernment as we let the prophetic word have its say. Let us keep emphasizing that whatever the particulars, something is coming; a number of things are coming. Major things. The next few years will be crucial. So will the next decade. There will be tremendous upheaval. That we will prophesy. But listen to the words of Notre Dame de Pontmain, as expressed to the children in a banner across that night sky:

"Pray my children," it had said. "God will soon grant your request. My Son will be moved by your prayers."



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