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Having predicted the Vatican crisis over abuse, the earthquake in Haiti shortly before it occurred (saying a disaster would happen in the Land of the Mountains, which is Haiti's nickname), the subsequent quake in Chile, a flood in Madeira, Portugal (singling out the island by name), the oil disaster (on March 18 quoting the Virgin as saying, "Death will pass on the coast of the Gulf, and will leave a great trail of destruction"), and so forth, we are still paying attention to the alleged Brazilian seer named Pedro Régis.

Help us discern.

Is it luck (he mentions many places in his frequent messages), is he psychic, or is he at last a Marian seer whose predictions materialize in real time?

The jury remains out (and the Church has ruled nothing in his case), but we are not alone in occasionally checking his messages, at least when events occur such as the floods in his very homeland of Brazil earlier this week -- floods that killed dozens and caused hundreds (prayer urgency here) to go missing.

Régis has long worked Brazil into his messages, and as a viewer named Anna Musto from Watertown, New York, writes:

"It looks like Pedro Régis was given another very accurate message from the Blessed Mother. On May 22, he received the following message in part: 'A frightening event will happen in Argentina and be repeated in Alagoinha" [a state in Brazil].'

"Actually," points out Anna. "Alagoinha ('Little Alagoas') is not a state, but is a Brazilian city in the state of Pernambuco. The heavy rains started last week and within two days dumped a month's worth of water on areas of Alagoas and neighboring Pernambuco state."

The link to the complete story is here.  

"Prior to Brazil," adds Anna, "Argentina also experienced devastating floods." The story about Argentina's recent flooding is here. "Since Argentina's flooding happened before Pedro Régis's message, a lot of people will probably discredit the message in its entirety because of the words 'will happen in Argentina.' When Google Translate is used, however, there is no future tense. Instead it says: "An amazing fact is in Argentina and will be repeated in Alagoinha." Argues Anna: "Notice that there is no mention of a future fact event in Argentina, but only that what happens there will be repeated in Brazil."

It is certainly peculiar, perhaps intriguing, maybe significant.

Régis, who asserts that he has been receiving messages from the Blessed Mother since 1987, has been on a run of predicting a great miracle for Brazil of late but also warning of false seers, stigmatics, and even weeping images in Latin America.

"Bend your knees," he quoted Mary as saying last week. "Seek strength in The Lord and show everybody that you really belong to God. Something sorrowful will happen in Rome. The church of my Jesus will weep and lament."

"The devil will act with great fury against the plans of God," was the message days before. "He will cause confusion and sow discord in the church of my Jesus." 

And a day earlier: "Difficult times are yet to come. There will be great spiritual confusion everywhere. The devil will make signs and extraordinary wonders that will deceive many people. The false prophets will multiply more and more, and people will be confused. Your Brazil will be the victim of great spiritual confusions. 

"The devil wants to destroy what is most precious within you. Pay attention. I have been with you for so long, but only now has the Lord permitted that these things be revealed. The chaff planted by the devil in your Brazil will be torn out, and the false prophets will fall to the ground. Be honest in your acts. Love and defend the truth. I repeat what I have already said many times; love and defend the truth. Return to Him Who is your all and knows you by name. I am your Mom and I come from heaven to defend what belongs to My Lord. The devil's mask will fall. This is the message I give you today in the name of The Most Holy Trinity."


"The devil will keep on making false signs. Be careful about the snares of the devil. God will give you great signs, and these will not be just to get your attention, but to change your lives. False signs get much attention, but don´t convert. Pay attention. God wants to speak to you. "

"The devil will deceive with false signs and prodigies."

"Flee from false signs and false miracles. The devil will deceive many of my poor children in the land of the Holy Cross (Brazil). Many were deceived by false stigmatas and false signs. Flee from all lies and deceit. Return to the truth and you will be saved. The day will come when, with the permission of God, a great miracle will happen in Brazil. It will happen with a priest and will be motive for conversion for many men and women who have strayed."

And so forth.

On June 8 he also said: "An image will weep in the presence of a bishop and three priests. It will be the first and only happening in your Brazil."

That hasn't happened there, in Brazil, as yet, but a week after this putative message -- in Yerba Buena, Argentina -- a Catholic news organization called Zenit reported that "archdiocesan officials are calling for prudence regarding an image of the Last Supper that some claim shows Christ's forehead seeping blood that runs down His left cheek."

Is this connected to his message, which may have been heard imperfectly, or one of the falsities of which he warned? Or neither?

It is right to be prudent -- cautious -- about such seers. Yet we will not despise prophecy.

We warned of oil and ecological crisis in Tower of Light -- a book that focuses on the alleged 1990 prophecy, which at one point said cryptically: "As for the anti-christ, remember Europe, and especially Central Europe. Yet know too that God's Hand will be evident in South America."

South America.

What to make of this?

"Only in this land has God permitted me to speak to you about future events," asserts another Régis message. "God has chosen the land of the Holy Cross to announce what is to come to the world. I still have noble things to reveal to you. Pay attention. Something frightening will happen in the Iberian Península and death will come to My poor children."

We must be careful -- open but careful (very).

"Dear Sons and Daughters," is the latest message. "I am your mom and I come from Heaven to offer you my love. Be docile and imitate my Jesus in everything. I need each one of you. Don't back away. Humanity lives in a time worse that the time of the Flood, and my poor children are going as blind leading the blind. I suffer because of what awaits you. Pray much in front of the Cross. Don't be stuck in sin, rather, return to Him Who is your one and true Savior. You are heading towards a future of great trials. I want to tell you that you are the chosen people of God and He expects much from you. When all seems lost, a great victory of God will occur for you. Humanity will find peace when the devil is defeated. In the great triumph of my Immaculate Heart, the enemy of God will never again act against the chosen people of The Lord. You will see a new heaven and a new earth. Joy will reign forever in all hearts, and God will be the only Lord of His people.  Don't get away from prayer. Only by prayer will you understand the plans of God for you. Nothing and no one is lost. The time of your liberation is coming close. Listen to me and I will lead you to Him Who is your Way, Truth, and Life. Fear not. I will be at your side. This is the message I transmit to you in the name of the Most Holy Trinity. Thank you for permitting me to reunite you here once more. I bless you in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Most Holy Spirit. Amen. Be in peace."

Is there peace from these messages?  

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