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What, really, is "reincarnation"?

It's interesting, the possible explanations for it.

This is the idea, of course, that we live on earth more than once, in fact in some cases many times, and is prevalent from India to American New Agers.

You hear some who have alleged near-death experiences come back decoding what they experienced in this way.

Call it "soul recycling."

Call it also dubious.

Our Church makes clear that reincarnation is an errant belief, as has the Blessed Mother, who at a widely followed apparition once said (in 1982), "You go to Heaven in full conscience: that which you have now. At the moment of death, you are conscious of the separation of the body and soul. It is false to teach people that you are reborn many times and that you pass to different bodies. One is born only once. The body, drawn from the earth, decomposes after death. Man receives a transfigured body."

This is in direct harmony with Scripture (1 Corinthians 15:44): "It is sown a natural body; it is raised a spiritual body. If there is a natural body, there is also a spiritual body."

If it is in Heaven, a spiritual body, filled with light, is what the Bible calls "glorified."

We rise at the last day.

(But what of purgatory? And what about that thief going to Heaven right away?)

One can quibble over such matters, but not over reincarnation.

Here is the important point: whatever the semantics, and however one wants to debate matters, the righteous live forever with Christ, Who was glorified after the Resurrection.

States the Catechism: (1013): "Death is the end of man's earthly pilgrimage, of the time of grace and mercy which God offers him so as to work out his earthly life in keeping with the Divine plan, and to decide his ultimate destiny. When 'the single course of our earthly life' is completed, we shall not return to other earthly lives: It is appointed for men to die once. There is no 'reincarnation' after death."

Said a Vatican reflection ("Jesus Christ, Bearer of the Water of Life"): "Originally, reincarnation was a part of Hindu cyclical thought, based on the atman or divine kernel of personality (later the concept of jiva), which moved from body to body in a cycle of suffering (samsara), determined by the law of karma, linked to behaviour in past lives. Hope lies in the possibility of being born into a better state, or ultimately in liberation from the need to be reborn. What is different in most Buddhist traditions is that what wanders from body to body is not a soul, but a continuum of consciousness. Present life is embedded in a potentially endless cosmic process which includes even the gods. In the West, since the time of Lessing, reincarnation has been understood far more optimistically as a process of learning and progressive individual fulfilment. Spiritualism, theosophy, anthroposophy and New Age all see reincarnation as participation in cosmic evolution. This post-Christian approach to eschatology is said to answer the unresolved questions of theodicy and dispenses with the notion of hell. When the soul is separated from the body individuals can look back on their whole life up to that point, and when the soul is united to its new body there is a preview of its coming phase of life. People have access to their former lives through dreams and meditation techniques."

It is a dangerous notion not only because it may cause us to think we can do what we want and make up for it in a future life, but also because it leads folks into psychic phenomena, the New Age, and other aspects of the occult, including witchcraft.

Does reincarnation not, however, make logical sense? In a way, one can view it as logical -- that mistakes would be ironed out over a span of lifetimes -- that perhaps someone who killed another will have to atone for this by returning as someone who himself is killed. But we know that such atonement comes in the afterlife -- purgatory and hell, not by returning physically to the earth.

We mention psychic phenomena because it includes hypnosis -- and many are those believers in reincarnation who claim that while hypnotized, they were "regressed" into "past lives."

There have been well-known books, even a major movie, on how some such subjects were able to recount the life or lives of others who lived in previous times, right down to details that have been verified.

They somehow knew the intimate details of remote past lives -- sometimes, ancient details there was no way for them to know in the natural.

Here we get to the point.

To lead us astray, and if not purely psychological, might it not be as logical as anything else that Satan or his demons or deceased spirits could feed us facts that cause us to believe we lived before? Satan knows everything about every human who has ever lived. He is a "super-intelligence"; we can not here on earth outwit him; we must leave that to that greatest of all intelligent beings: Jesus. The world of darkness can easily feed information. This occurs too, in some cases, when folks believe they are communicating (through seances or something such as the Ouija board) with "deceased" friends or relatives.

Spirits often deceive.

There are added possibilities.

A person who claims to have lived many previous lives may harbor a good number of spirits -- what Christ, at the Gadarene, called "legion." Such spirits might be manifesting in the same way they do through "multiple-personality" syndrome (which is often no syndrome whatsoever, but simple demonic possession by multiple spirits). Might an earthbound spirit, or perhaps deceased relatives in the family tree, also be feeding a person information? Or spirits in a particular vicinity?

Frederick W.H. Myers (1843–1901) wrote in a book called Human Personality and Its Survival of Bodily Death, which was published posthumously in 1906 and noted, at one point: “The controlling spirit proves his identity mainly by reproducing, in speech or writing, facts which belong to his memory and not to the automatist’s memory" (the automatist being the person hypnotized). That's another way of saying that a separate spiritual entity is implanting information -- information the person takes to be his own memory.

When you're dealing with hypnosis, or any trance, we can say this: you're dealing with a part of the psyche that is "forbidden fruit," that is not supposed to be manipulated or dabbled with, and you are therefore on dangerous terrain, terrain that is easily traversed by the Great Deceiver, father of one lie after another, as we'll find out on the other side.

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