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By Michael H. Brown

Back last summer, when we were visiting Medjugorje, I sat down with seer Mirjana Dragicevic Soldo and told her that once, years before, I had asked another seer, Vicka Ivankovic, if any of her secrets involved the end of the world,  the Second Coming, or the anti-christ. I told her I knew that she couldn't tell me what was in her secrets, but that maybe she could tell me what was not in her secrets.

That was in 1997. Vicka had smiled that unforgettable smile and to my surprise humored me by deigning to answer. I'll never forget her response. Without hesitation she told me that none of the above, not the end of the world, not the Second Coming, were in any of the nine secrets she has thus far been given (she still has one coming).

I explained this to Mirjana and asked what she thought of Vicka's response. More to the point, I wanted to know if Mirjana could answer the same question. Were the anti-christ, the Second Coming, or anything quite so apocalyptic in her secrets?

Mirjana is a wonderful and candid person but this she did not choose to answer. "I cannot give a comment," she said, speaking English with a Croatian syntax. "We don't know if we have the same secrets or different secrets. We feel we cannot talk about this. I don't know what Vicka told you, but I cannot say the same like her. I will be quiet."

Thus, there has never been an indication that apocalyptic developments such as the anti-christ are in any Medjugorje seer's secrets, and this is important because Medjugorje may well be the most powerful apparition since Fatima. 

At the same time, however, there has never been a full dismissal of apocalyptical notions by the seers of Medjugorje. 

I bring this up because we've been quoting an alleged prophecy from a source we have kept anonymous, a prophecy that allegedly came from the Lord in a dream on December 3, 1990, and has been startlingly accurate in certain regards [see previous stories]. For example, it seemed to uncannily foresee the development of cloning (referring to it as a great "new evil"), and it was right-on in describing how the first events, the first wave of chastisements (there will be others), would come as regional events. It also forecast the breaking down of synthetic modern life. It said the world would not end but that many of our inventions and constructs would be disassembled. The prophecy claimed that we are at the end of an era. What comes after will not be a barren world, nor one depopulated, it said, but the end of the technological era. There will be more a peasant atmosphere.

That we can begin to digest; that's not so apocalyptic; but then there were these words:

"After this breakdown of false society will come persecution of Christians and also a new world order," said the 1990 prophecy. "Let me say that the anti-christ will start to rise only after the great evil. He will have tremendous influence -- a man of influence, not actual raw political power. Hardly anyone will notice the extent of his influence until afterwards. He will not be of tremendous visibility until he is accomplished. That is to say, he will not rule, control, and be at all obvious to the world at the peak of his influence. He will not be unlike a figure such as Marx, except his ideas will be more immediate."

These are weighty words. They are to be discerned. Tremendous influence -- instead of raw power: Many are looking for a government leader to be the anti-christ, or an anti-christ -- but perhaps, if indeed this is true, it will be more secretive. Perhaps it will be more subtle. Perhaps it will be more on a spiritual level. 

We don't know. Your discernment is as good as ours. Will the anti-christ or at least a form of anti-christ come in our time -- or is he something in the far-off future?

So far, no modern Church-approved revelation specifies the anti-christ, and so we have to be very careful. But some apparitions that have been sanctioned by the hierarchy (including occurrences at Kibeho, Africa and LaSalette, France), have had aspects that veered strongly in an apocalyptical direction, and we note that a mystic from Massachusetts who appears to have foreseen elements of the September 11 event had also mentioned the anti-christ -- and had also used the verb "accomplished."

But that prophecy saw the anti-christ in the Middle East; the 1990 prophecy, on the other hand, said, "As for the anti-christ, remember Europe, and especially Central Europe."

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