The Amazing Secrets of the Souls in Purgatory 
Sister Emmanuel, a nun from Medjugorje, interviews Maria Simma, an alleged mystic who has the charism of being able to see and talk to the souls in Purgatory. Answers questions like: Who decides if a soul goes to Purgatory? How do we get a soul released from Purgatory? How can we avoid Purgatory? What are the sins that most lead to purgatory? and much moreCLICK HERE


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A few weeks ago, on June 27, we ran an anonymous prophecy for your discernment. At one point the prophecy alleged that "in four years there will arise a new evil the likes of which mankind has never before encountered. It will arrive almost imperceptibly, with few people noticing the depth of its evil, for it will appear to have beneficial and convenient aspects. It is an evil comparable to abortion -- that is to say, that even if evils as great and widespread as abortion were to be eliminated, this is enough of an evil that it would present mankind with an enormous challenge. This evil is being allowed as a test because of the prayers inspired by Mary to put off chastisements. How mankind responds to this new evil will determine the extent, length, and severity of the first chastisements."

We got quite a reaction from this. We are still discerning it because aspects have been on target. It predicted regional disasters, and since that time America has experienced seven of its ten greatest regional events.

But what of this prophecy of a "new evil"? Was this something like the abortion pill, RU-486? Or did it have to do with stem cells?

We note that there were key decisions about RU-486 around 1994, which would have been about four years after the purported December 3, 1990, prophecy. But we also note that something like stem-cell research (or cloning) would almost certainly more closely fit the strength of this particular prophecy. It's hard to imagine anything that would appear to have such " beneficial" aspects as stem cells -- and yet also be linked, in the fact that it involves embryos, to abortion.

What of the time-frame? Could it have shifted? Did the "four years" stretch into 11 and only materialize this week with a major stem-cell decision? Or were decisions quietly made ("it will arrive almost imperceptibly, with few people noticing") in the mid-1990s that have now brought us to this strange new  world?

We're interested if any of you know of specific relevant decisions or experiments or discoveries in the mid-1990s. As we said, we are still trying to discern the validity of this revelation. What about dates? Do prophecies set dates? And didn't they say at Medjugorje that the chastisements could no longer be lessened?

Dates are not acceptable for something like the Second Coming, but look at Jonah: he set a deadline of forty days. Look at Noah (in that case time-lines also had to have been indicated).

As for Medjugorje: a seer there did recently tell us that her secrets could not be changed, but each seer has certain different secrets and a second visionary said hers could indeed still be lessened. We must also note that regional events (perhaps nothing related to secrets, but regional disasters like Hurricane Andrew) can almost certainly be lightened or even prevented through fasting and prayer. The question now is whether with stem-cell research the genie can be stopped from fully escaping the bottle before such events occur.

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