Below, some other mail, including a writer who claims to have seen a warning in the moon:

Dear Spirit Daily:

As for the article on whether or not stem cell research could possibly be tied in to the prophesy published on June 27th, this a.m. on the news (ABC, I believe) a commentator remarked that although it has just come to the publics attention, stem cell research actually has been taking place since 1994. It was allowed because of an executive order signed by Clinton. While congress had made illegal the killing or stopping of any human life (fetus or embryo included) for the express purpose of research ( thus making stem cell research illegal), Clinton, by executive order, rescinded that law and stem cell research began (privately funded) in 1994.

God bless, Jan Hussle 


Dear Spirit Daily,

Concerning that 1990 prophecy about stem cell research...if you go to the main page of and type in "stem cell" you'll get about 67 books on the subject. I sorted them by publication date and the oldest books are listed last. There are textbooks and conference notes published as well, some as far back as the 1980's. Without knowing too much about the science, it's very possible that the nefarious idea of using embryonic stem cells did coalesce into someone's mind precisely in 1994, judging by some of the book descriptions, long before the scientists published their articles in 1998.



Dear Michael and Lisa,

With regard to your "prophecy time line" thoughts:

Last night President Bush said no new embryos are to be used in
federally funded stem cell research. However, he said there will be
research on the 60 existing lines of stem cells originally derived IN
THE PAST from embryos. No more embryos are to be destroyed to be used
for research. He said research could proceed on these existing 60
embryonic stem cell lines because the death of those embryos has already
has occurred.

I ASK YOU - WHEN DID THESE 60 DEATHS OCCUR ?????? Does it match your
prophecy time line thoughts? It seems REALLY INSIDIOUS in its nature.
Authored by old scratch himself perhaps?

I truly must confess my ignorance. I could not follow the stem cell
discussions in the past. The reality is so brutal. It has made me
almost physically sick on certain occasions. How Our Lord must weep.
How hardened are men's hearts and low and ruthless the rationalizations.

Please tell us about the onset of the destruction of these embryos.
When and where did it occur? Who did it? Perhaps this will yield
insight into the prophecy time line in question. We should probably
pray for mercy on the souls of those he did the act. Perhaps we should
pray for those 60 souls who never knew the light of day.

Meanwhile I will offer daily sacrifice and prayer. Doesn't anyone want
to believe God? He will care for us in all our distress - He promised.
If we gave up worshiping the genetic golden calf I wonder what signs and
wonders Our Dear Lord might grant . I'm sure He wants to. He is love.
But how can he send deliverance from some of these diseases when we now
bow to satan to cure them?????

God Bless you and your family,
Cindy Weidner, New York City

P.S. doesn't the Holy Father himself suffer from Parkinson's ???


Dear Michael,

Last evening I let my dog out for a few minutes before shutting out the lights and going to bed. As I brought him back in, I couldn't help but be impressed by the moon hanging low in the western sky. Did you see the waning moon last evening? Here in Virginia Beach, VA it was a dark, almost blood red color at around 11:00 p.m. EST. 

Not that I'm superstitious or anything, but I couldn't help but reflect back on the day, seeing the news all afternoon on the monitor at work about the cloning debate going on in Washington, D.C., the arrogance of the Italian doctor planning to do it, the insinuations from the various companies supporting the research that it's too late and it's already going on, etc. I reflected on what God must be thinking about man right now and couldn't help but wonder if the blood red moon wasn't an outward reflection. When you look back at man's arrange that resulted in the Tower of Babble, the ruin of Sodom and Gomorrah, etc. . . . that's "small potatoes" compared to what we're seeing in the nightly news each day. 

How we must be grieving the Lord through our arrogance. It can only be a matter of time until we go over the limit as I've always believed that God's mercy will not last on and on indefinitely. 

Just some thoughts I wanted to share.

God bless you,




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