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There is a "magical" power to music, and it goes beyond the lyrics.

For while the words to a song can (and do) have a subliminal effect, more important is the way the very nature of music itself penetrates into the deepest recesses of the spirit.

When that occurs with religious or classical or at least composed music it lifts us up; when it happens with worldly music -- and especially since the rock era -- it takes us elsewhere.

We think it's all new and revolutionary -- rock, rap (rap-rock?), the loud drumbeat, screeching strings, stage ablaze -- but as we'll be exploring, it dates back in the earliest cultures (and the earliest occultism). Incredible it would be, if many of the major pop hits of the last four decades had lyrics praising the Lord. Did you ever rewrite a song in your mind along that line?

To see the point directly (that which has occurred to our society and the spiritual implications thereof) is to read about one current singer-dancer-entertainer "mega-star." We'll stay away from an actual name, but to mention that she herself now declares that she has an alternate personality and a spirit infuses her (whom she dubs "Sasha Fierce") is perhaps to say enough. "When I see video of myself on stage or TV, I'm like, 'Who is that girl?'" she once said. "That's not me. I wouldn't do that."

She seems, she noted herself, "taken over"; that was her comment about what occurred at a particularly memorable music-awards ceremony. "I remember, right before I performed, I raised my hands up and it was kind of the first time I felt something else come into me," she said. "And I knew that was going to be my coming-out night."

As one vigilant Christian has noted, the Bible calls this "double-mindedness" (James 1:8). In Greek it is dipsychos, which means of two minds or souls.

How many of our poor youth have sold themselves to this? And how many millions more (including many of us baby-boomers) were negatively affected?

It's not to say all modern music is bad. Some seemed beautiful. And it's not just this sultry entertainer. A number of seemingly virginal young woman have strayed into rock during the past few years, at first considered examples for our youth, only to turn into similar sex sirens. The father of one even complained that the devil controlled the scene and that it was ruining his family.

Let us pray for such "stars," instead of savoring their demise. At the same time, it's important for us to begin to realize the energy behind celebrity -- especially in the musical field. There are so many examples -- as we will explore -- that's it's hard to synopsize!

"Sasha is not an alter ego, nor a stage name," notes the Christian writer quoted above in an evangelical blog. "Sasha is a demon spirit. We have the continuation of the same ancient, unclean spirits that have been trying to influence mankind for centuries. There is truly nothing new under the sun. As seen through the example of Jezebel and Ahab, they 'rule' through perversion as they lead people into idolatry to worship false gods and away from the True and Living God."

The writer further notes:

"G. Craig Lewis of EX Ministries has an eye-opening documentary series entitled, 'The Truth About Hip Hop.' Beyond exposing the hip-hop genre, Minister Lewis does a tremendous job of explaining how Satan is using today's music to channel worship unto himself.

"Similar to how the Presence of the Lord is ushered in during a church's praise and worship service, the world's performers also instruct their fan(atic)s in the ways of worship. Performers encourage fans to raise their hands in surrender, call out their name, and incant the words over themselves as they sing along. This creates an atmosphere of worship whereby a transference of spirits can occur as they invite the spirits undergirding these entertainers to enter their own souls. Even secular news outlets reveal this truth in describing one concert as, 'the mostly female audience, a collective of worshipers made up of all ages, shapes and sizes, danced along.'"

The claim here: that the entertainer aforementioned not only has an alternate personality but also uses a hand symbol around her eyes during performances to actually "channel" the spirit of an ancient pagan deity (Horus) toward the open, adoring, and clueless fans. Her husband recorded a song called "Lucifer." Again, they are one example among many. There is an even larger star who used outright occult or Masonic symbols, and also has evidence of an alternate personality (over which many are gaga). The drugs are just the vehicle to opening spiritual doors. There was even a band by that name. There has been much sympathy for the devil. Even innocent-looking rockers have raised doubts. A stairway to Heaven, or elsewhere? You may be surprised at the ancient origin. That's coming up. But we can start by asking ourselves a few basic questions.

What have been the fruits of music during the past six decades?

What is the true origin? Why is has it been like a massive pounding ritual? How similar is some of it to voodoo drums? We'll be exploring this.

Most importantly: what have been the effects?

Let us pray for those who are immersed -- our youth -- as we also focus on how the humble and chaste and faithful will find their way to that place called Heaven where they say there is constant music in praise to God beyond any music known here, music that comes from the very air, the plants, the water, music that goes way beyond Mozart and seems like hundreds of songs all at once in perfect harmony that ministers to the spirit -- heals -- but has no beat because there is no time.

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