A set of prayers using the beads of the Rosary for "liberation" -- freedom from bondages? That's the assertion of a new devotion. We'll let you discern.

They call it just that -- the "Rosary of Liberation" -- and claim miraculous healings and other effects have occurred after it is recited.

The prayer is in a book we have imported from South America under that title, Rosary of Liberation. It's by Regis and Ma´sa Castro, and they say folks have seen healings from just about any misfortune that life can serve us up -- from accidents, from financial dilemmas, from problems in relationships, to cancer.

Too good to be true?

Let us stop right here and acknowledge that there is never a guaranteed cure (at least not physically). Prayers, no matter how potent, depend on the Father's Will. Neither this nor any system of devotion can guarantee that one will be healed. Keep that in mind.

But we also know that prayer puts us in touch with the truth and the Truth sets us free (and also heals).

Should it replace the regular Rosary?

Never. But the beads of a Rosary can be used in the same way they are used for devotions such as Divine Mercy and that's what this is: a devotion aimed at healing and other corrections in our lives, beginning with the Apostles'  Creed and in the place of the Our Father the words:

"If the Son makes you free, you will be free indeed."

That's from John 8:36, and the freedom of which they speak is freedom from ills in many and sundry forms, as the testimonies attest.

In place of the Hail Mary: "Jesus, have mercy on me! Jesus, heal me! Jesus, save me! Jesus, free me!" It is simple. We can all say it from just this.

If you are praying for your family, the words are slightly changed (placing "family" where they had "me"); and on the large beads: "If Jesus makes my family free, my family will be free indeed."

There are also variations that invoke St. Joseph. Wrote one witness:

"A sister in the community suffers from diabetes and each time she had a sore, it takes years to heal. I gave her a photocopy of the prayer of the Rosary of Liberation and gave her the book to read the testimonials. In a week, the sore was healed and even the lumps under her armpits had disappeared."

It is not to be confused with a "liberation Rosary" that some have distorted on the internet (using it for political purposes).

This is sheer devotion. Like all prayers, it depends on faith.

As prayers build, they can cause a crescendo. We all have bondages.

"The first time I prayed it, my husband was called to be interviewed in the same company where he had worked," wrote Nancy Dhabi of India. "Being a good worker, he had a good chance of being rehired. But he had to pass in the interview! I prayed to Our Lord Jesus and, even before my prayer was answered, I could feel the miraculous power of Our Lord Jesus working through the Rosary of Liberation. It is something that words cannot describe."

It's not just the standard "healing." It's also overcoming vices, such as drugs, adultery, and homosexuality.

There is a long prayer of praise. A bit too long for here. But we know that thanksgiving is potent!

"Thank you, Jesus! A thousand times glory to God!" it says.

"On Saturday," testified a woman from Fortaleza, Brazil, "as soon as I woke up, I sat up in bed desperate, crying, without knowing what else to do. I said, 'Lord, what is missing? What should I do to receive this grace?' And the answer came to my mind. I had been very hurt by a neighbor, did not like her, and could not forgive her. It was as if Jesus had talked to me. I'm certain it was. Because of that I forgave her with all my heart and prayed the Rosary of Liberation from six o'clock in the morning until six o'clock in the afternoon, every hour on the hour. The answer came quickly. The next day my daughter was healed immediately. It was a miracle."

And so on.

They could fill a volume -- and literally do. Three million copies have been sold.

"I prayed and asked Jesus, 'Heal me, I can see almost nothing,'" testified another Brazilian woman named Magdalena from Umurama,  where she was suffering from glaucoma. "Every day I asked. I went to the doctor and was only able to walk holding on to someone's hand. I got to the doctor and said, 'Doctor, I can see almost nothing.' He examined me and said, "We are at the end of our ropes. We cannot use laser rays anymore. We have to do two operations: one for the cataract and the other for the hemorrhage at the back of the eye.'

"I asked, 'If you don't do this, will I lose my sight?'

"He said, 'You will lose it, yes.'

"I became very sad. I returned home that night and began to pray the Rosary of Liberation. I asked Jesus for more faith. I prayed and cried out to God, 'I want a strong faith!' And I received it. I prayed and asked Jesus to heal my eyes and I received the grace."

She no longer even uses glasses.

Malignant melanoma? Testimony there too. A cerebral aneurism?

One woman had 33 days to live (cancer), but after the Rosary of Liberation allegedly was healed.

Whether or not we involve ourselves in a particular devotion, let us know that with faith the Lord can heal anything.

It is simple for Him.


"I began to say the Rosary of Liberation without stopping," said Gleci from Foz do Iguacu, Brazil, whose family business went bankrupt. "My son was at his wit's end and said to me, 'Mother, stop kidding yourself, we are at the bottom of the barrel. There is nothing more we can do, I do not see any future.'

"When I began to say the Rosary of Liberation, I came back to the Church, went to Confession, and prayed without stopping for a year, and the graces began to happen. Today I am testifying and I would like that everyone might get to know the power of Jesus Christ Who is the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

"Jesus has already given me a house, much better than the one I had; we paid all the debts. Today, my son has two cars: one for work and the other a pickup. His wife returned to him and they were blessed with one more lovely little boy, strong and healthy. My daughter-in-law, who was a Protestant evangelical, goes today to our Church and has promised Jesus that, if one of her sons wants to be a priest, she will give all her support.

"They already have a lot and are going to build a house. They live very well and today are entirely happy."

And so -- for your determination, and hopefully benefit -- we are offering it.

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