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t is certainly strange (and dark) out there, and sooner rather than later those who for years have opposed the notion that major events will come as a result -- prophetic events -- will see otherwise.

There will be little choice for all but the most obstinate (though their numbers will remain substantial ones). In fact, it is already occurring all around us. The collapse into immorality is a chastisement. More on this later in the week.

There are many divides, including in the Church, and it often comes down to the role of Grace versus the role of indoctrination. Those who oppose current manifestations of the supernatural often base belief solely on human doctrine.

Indoctrination is important to religion, but can have its limits, whereas Grace when authentic knows no bounds.


Grace can include "signs of the times." We have reported on the phenomenon of strange loud booms, rattles, and rumbles (never mind all the societal signs). The magnetic poles are migrating; the north one is currently over water on the way to Siberia. Does this shift in the earth's magnetism mean that something is shifting likewise in the core of our planet -- and perhaps responsible for at least some of those sounds?


It isn't just "booms" and shaking and "rumbles." Uncanny vibrations, propagated through YouTube (and thus subject to some cases of enhancement, or hoax), also sound like the earth is wailing (in travail) or like a loud shofar and trumpet. This has caused excitement in prophetic circles because the trumpet is known in the Bible as a signal, warning, or a herald of coming events.

Take Revelation 9: "Then the fifth angel sounded, and I saw a star from heaven which had fallen to the earth; and the key of the bottomless pit was given to him. He opened the bottomless pit, and smoke went up out of the pit, like the smoke of a great furnace; and the sun and the air were darkened by the smoke of the pit. Then out of the smoke came locusts upon the earth, and power was given them, as the scorpions of the earth have power. ..."

Some of the strange sounds seem to come from the ground; some from the sky; some from both -- all around. Is it the molten core? Or the northern lights: sunspot activity, which can cause magnetic disturbances around earth and lead not only to the aurora but also barely perceptible sounds that may at times be audible over whole large areas?

Something is being indicated.

At the same time, planets do make "sounds." This has been recorded by our spacecraft as coming from the earth as well as planets like Uranus and Jupiter.

The reason for the quotation marks around the word is because those "sounds" are not actually like what comes through the air to the human ear (since there is no air in space)  but as electromagnetic pulses or signals picked up by antennas and converted into computerized versions of what would be audible noise if the human ear could hear them. Those sounds are a bit different from what is currently and increasingly reported around the world -- not quite as uncanny, and nowhere nearly as loud. Something seems to be changing in the geology or spiritual underpinning of our planet. Keep tuned to this. (But as for planetary noise, and eerie serenades, check out this NASA website.)


While so many of the "theology only" school are skeptical of apparitions (and there is good reason, in many cases, for skepticism; certainly scrutiny; always, discernment), the fact is that apparitions for many decades and especially since the 1980s have borne messages that seem to be playing out now in what is happening in our public realm. We need only look at the Supreme Court. Or Greece.


There is one alleged seer there at a place called Kerala, Rani John, who claims to have seen Mary and garnered warnings and other messages from her between 1996 and 2002. We discuss her messages in a current "special report" on  the Shemitah [see below].

Like rumbles, like "trumpets," claims of the supernatural -- apparitions like Fatima -- can be harbingers; they cropped up as such in the 14th century just before bubonic plague (see The Last Secret, or Sent To Earth, which, skeptics please take note, was strongly endorsed by the television evangelist Mother Angelica, who herself had many mystical experiences, and who believed we face an apocalypse).

Anyway, back to India: at Kerala, you have the alleged phenomenon of Eucharistic "miracles," along with stigmata and locutions and the apparitions and signs in the sky. Notes a priest who has studied Rani, Father Joe Kallupura, "She was able to write the messages either by hearing the voice of Jesus and Mary or by seeing the messages of Jesus and Mary  in  visions. When Rani John was not well she was not able to write the three messages given by Our Lady. At that time Our Lady held the right hand of Rani John and made her write these three messages. These three messages were given by Our Lady on the following dates: May 31, 1998, December 98, 1999 and on June 10, 2000. The core of the fifty-one messages is to attain salvation of souls through prayer, penance, and reparation. The Holy Eucharist, the sacrament of Confession, Holy Rosary, fasting and the Word of God are the five Divine weapons to attain salvation." And to stave off evil.

A professor at the Pontifical Oriental Institute in Rome, Reverend Dr. George Nedungatt S.J., who has written a book referring to current reports of the supernatural, noted, in speaking about her,  that “another living mystic, Rani John of Kanchikode, Palakkad, Kerala, also blessed by periodic stigmata and several apparitions of the Heavenly Mother, announces her presence often with a sweet but strong unearthly fragrance… Rani, whose simplicity and sincerity are beyond doubt, says that the fragrance is but a temporary sign by which the Heavenly Mother intends to draw the attention of her children to her constant presence and to her message of love calling for prayer."

We have serious questions about Eucharistic "miracles" that involve anything that may be a bit unsightly or unpalatable, which some may find in the phenomena attached to these mystics, particularly when a Host bleeds on the tongue of the mystic or seems, as in these cases, like "living flesh." We must remember that demons can mimic and present things as devout, so to draw in the good faithful. Such phenomena have also been reported in Korea.

Skepticism is in order when it is not also cynicism -- and when it looks for discernment between good and deceiving spirits -- not just proclaiming (as so many now do) that something is or is not supernatural. (Many manifestations that are in fact otherworldy have been deemed as "not supernatural" because dark elements have caused doubts; in fact they are supernatural but perhaps not a good manifestation of it).

We are willing to give Rani a fair discernment. She seems simple and holy. She is certainly interesting, with powerful messages. But caution? Yes.

Says the seer herself, now 45 years old: "I have had the miraculous experience of receiving the Holy Communion from Jesus Himself thirteen times. The Holy Communion became red living flesh and blood on my tongue on three different occasions. This occurred on October 26, 1997. November 2, 1997 and on February 12, 1998. When this experience took place I was feeling as if a ball of fire was on my tongue. Many saints have referred Holy Eucharist to a ball of fire. The main reason for this Eucharistic Miracle is to enable us to believe in the real Presence of Jesus in the Eucharist. Reading the message Jesus gave on October 26, 1997 [see below] enables us to understand the above truth. We also need to keep in mind that the Holy Eucharist is the Power House of His Grace for us."

The supposed message from October of 1997: "The humiliations and insults shown by mankind towards Me, the Sacrificial Lamb on the Altar, and towards the love of God the Father, have increased very much. It is high time that everyone realized that I come into each child, as the living God with love and sacrifice. My daughter, the word became flesh; flesh became sacrifice. The sacrifice gave new life. This act of redemption which takes place in eternity is being enacted and fulfilled truly in every altar of sacrifice. Is that not what you tasted and experienced, my daughter? This undeniable truth was fulfilled in the Presence of the Holy Trinity; the fruit of My Holy Mother’s incessant prayer."

Said a news report (and this is impressive): "Two Catholic bishops are among the hundreds of people who believe they may have witnessed miracles in which consecrated Hosts have turned into flesh and blood in the mouth of a woman in southern India. Following the reputed miracles and claims of the Blessed Mother appearing to Rani John Palumparambil, the woman´s house in Kanjikode village of Kerala state´s Palghat district has become a pilgrimage site. Official Church comment on the phenomena that now attract some 2,000 people daily to the house is yet to come, but neither Archbishop Jacob Thoomkuzhy of Trichur nor Bishop Jacob Manathodath of Palghat doubt their authenticity. Archbishop Thoomkuzhy says he saw flesh and blood in Palumparambil´s mouth 'a few minutes' after giving Communion to the 30-year-old woman at a Mass for some 100,000 people attending a Bible convention."

There is with Rani a new putative phenomenon -- at least new to us: the alleged (and we do underline "alleged") flow from religious objects of milk and honey.

"On August 15, 1998, about two liters of milk had flown from the miraculous Rosary," she claims (as do priests around her). "More than seventy times milk and honey were given into the palm of my hands by Our Lady. This experience also took place at Assissi Convent at Kanchikode. Milk and honey are the signs of the maternal loving care of Our Lady."

The Blessed Mother supposedly refers to herself as "prophetess of the final hour," heralding a "new era."

For our pondering!

It brings us back to Moses and the Promised Land.

Are the messages a bit too similar to "automatic writing"? We'll report. You discern. Relevant to our times? 

"I have received fifty-one messages from Our Blessed Lord and from Our Lady," says the mystic. "One may wonder how these messages are given. This too is a mystical experience. Certain messages are written on hearing the messages from Our Lord and Our Lady. Some other messages are written when I see the messages as in a vision. At other times, Our Lady held my right hand and She made me write the messages. When I wrote the messages, I did not know what I was writing. Later after having read through the messages only I was aware of the content of the messages."

[Footnote: "Rani was born on May 2, 1970 at Mannampetta in the diocese of Trissur in the state of Kerala in India," adds Father Kadiyakuzhy. "Rani is the youngest daughter in the family of Panthalookaran. She has six elder sisters. Five of them are leading family life and one is a religious nun.  Rani’s parents and her dear ones inculcated in her devotion to the Holy Eucharist and Our Blessed Mother. From her younger days onwards she had a number of mystical experiences. Her first mystical experience was on the day of her First Communion on May 15, 1977.  At the age of 15, she joined the convent to become a religious. After the pre-degree course she was asked to do her nursing course remaining in another convent. During the course of this studies, she had illness including typhoid and poor eye sight. This caused difficulty in continuing her studies. It was then that she was given an opportunity to take part in a retreat. During that retreat, a priest prayed for her and advised her that she had a  very unique and different call from God other than becoming a nun and a nurse. She was also specially advised to offer up all her pains and sufferings to the Lord and to wait patiently for the realization of God’s plan for her. After Rani left the convent, remaining in her home at Mannampetta she offered up all her pains and sufferings to the Lord and waited patiently for the realization of God’s special call and plan for her. On October 21, 1992 she got married to John George Palooparambil. After Rani’s marriage she had a number of mystical experiences. The advice of the Priest  that Rani had a very unique call from God was specially realized on November 2, 1996 when she received the miraculous Rosary from Our Lady  at  her shrine in Velankanni, Tamil Nadu, (photo above left). We'll have more on her messages shortly.]

[resources: special report and Sent To Earth]

[see also: videos, 'miraculous' photos]

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