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The devil is like a dog, a vicious one, on a leash. Think about this: the image of a nasty pit bull or chow restrained by a chain in a yard. He can hurt us only when we enter into his zone, his territory.

What causes us to step into his space? What causes us to cross into the yard where he reigns?

We step into his realm when we don't know he is there. We step into his realm when we don't see him. We step into his realm when we are seeking a shortcut. We step into his realm when in pride (instead of faith) we think we are too powerful for him. On the other hand, we are in his domain when we are fearful. We step into his realm when we want something there that is not ours. We are on his turf when we seek what others have. We wander within reach when our minds are too muddled with the noise of the world to perceive his growl.

Of course, we step into his realm when we sin.

Different levels of sin have different repercussions. So does frequency. We build up darkness piece by piece, bit by bit -- or to go back to our metaphor, step by step, closer and closer to that dog on a leash. We recall a seer in Italy who even claimed to have actually witnessed the apparition of a sinister-looking man with a vicious dog on a tether.

We also wander into the danger zone -- near the cage -- when we are ignorant. Scripture says that fools die for lack of knowledge (Proverbs), and we can be hurt by what we don't know (or don't want to know: when we go into denial). Reading books to do with spirituality and especially the Bible helps us gain insights.

Remember, the devil likes to operate in the dark.

We edge toward him when we watch wrong television. We step closer with every act of pride. We begin to attract his attention when we are slothful. If we mess with the occult, we step right into his doghouse!

We also stray into the "dog's" reach when we fail to purify our interior life. A mindset of criticality and "judgmentalism" can bring problems, because it makes us a bit like the devil, who is an accuser. Meanwhile, and especially, when we have pride we magnify the force of dark spirits around us.

Don't let Satan's bark scare you. Unless there is a special test allowed by God, he can't touch you if you surround yourself with angels, if you stay out of his domain, if you avoid his seductions, if you remain out of his reach. But know where he hides. Go directly to Jesus, gain perception, and purge fear. Remember that Satan is a trickster and one of his biggest tricks is to convince us that he is bigger than he is. He is a shadow -- nebulous. He puffs himself up. He is prince of the power of the air. He comes as a seductive angel of light. Here we can discern fruits: an "angel of light" may come but will cast a long shadow.  He can make evil things seem nice. He is the "shining darkness." However, there will be bitter fruits.

He shines especially this time of year. He shines especially in our time. Anyone is fair game to be used against those who are with God.

How big is the evil one?

We once asked a man with mystical experiences that question.

"What?" he said.

"If God is the Empire State Building," we said, "how many stories tall is the devil?"

This perceptive man hesitated just a moment and then replied, "If God is the Empire State Building, then Satan is smaller than a grain of sand."

We need to remember this. We need to keep matters in perspective. (Note in Scripture that the Lord mentions casting out a demon by the "Finger of God.") But that's not to say he doesn't affect us. As another mystic, from the West Coast, said, "The tauntings, whisperings, and temptations of the Prince of Darkness are everywhere. Since many people choose to listen, the ripple effect of evil shadows everyone’s lives whether we choose darkness or not. Secret crimes, lies, lust, and carnality tempt every soul alive and are encouraged by the soft malicious voice of evil. Native Americans call Satan the Trickster, and it is true that he tricks us into thinking his thoughts are ours."

We are in a time when evil has been ratcheted up, and you can compound this with the fact that it's a time of the year when darkness seems even darker.

Yet, grace comes in proportion to attack.

For every demon, there is a mightier angel from the Lord, prepared to defend us, prepared to do battle (or even an army of them).

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