by Michael H. Brown

The great archangel has arrived. We have come to a certain "moment." We near a decisive hour. Slowly chastisements are unfolding, and while they're more gradual than many expected -- than many prophesied -- they are now coming in waves. We're still given quiet weeks -- lulls between the run of events -- but the events are intensifying and the lulls are shortening and so there is Michael.

As it says in Scripture, "At that time there shall arise Michael, the great prince, guardian of your people" [Daniel 12:1].

This is confirmed in Revelation, where we see the "woman clothed with the sun" followed by rise of the Red Dragon who is the devil but who is almost immediately confronted by Michael and his angels [12:7].

Is not the woman clothed with the sun a symbol of the Virgin at apparition sites where the sun pulses and where she holds her Son and is not the Red Dragon a representation of evil in the world as embodied in places like China that actually revere a red dragon? 

I believe the Archangel Michael was there big-time a couple weeks ago while visiting Mother Angelica at her new shrine in Hanceville, Alabama -- where he is invoked by the monks and nuns after every precious Mass. I felt him this morning at a church dedicated to him near Albany where I live and I feel him when there are attacks by the enemy.

He is on the scene and that means events will be moving in a quicker fashion.

As Venezuelan seer Maria Esperanza says, "A difficult moment will arrive, but there will remain good because the Light and the Grace of the Holy Spirit will always illumine a few people who still desire justice in the world -- the truth and the recognition of Jesus with His love throughout all time. 

"The heavenly hurricane will come to help the weak ones," she says, "a battalion led by Saint Michael the Archangel, who will defend you because he will announce the decisive time, and he will be open to listen to the drums, flutes, and bells, able to stand quickly to fight with the prayer of the Magnificat."


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