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By Michael H. Brown

As the month of the Rosary approaches, it's time to meditate on the power of that prayer. How it dispels the enemy! I'd like to particularly suggest the Scriptural Rosary. I wouldn't start the day without it.

If I didn't do that first thing in the morning, I'd feel out of sorts. I'd have a harder time thinking. Smaller things would create bigger trouble. Without it, you get caught up in the world -- and are more subject to debate, fear, vacillation, argument, confusion, and anxiety (all hallmarks of the enemy).

Perhaps you do the same -- Scriptural or bead. It's good to pray at every possible chance, and if not the Rosary, just the Name Jesus. Doing chores, or making a list, or clicking through websites, we can constantly mutter with each stroke, "Mary, Mary, Mary" or "Jesus, Jesus, Jesus" -- and He heeds this! 

He is there with you during those chores. He blesses what you are doing (anoints too what you cook and touch). He'll cause things to spring to mind. He'll help with the list. He'll help you mop that floor. He'll help at the office. Turn off the CD or radio or iPod and tune in to the real Source of information (and for that matter, the real source of music as well, if you tune in close enough). "Pray without ceasing" means at every opportunity you can.

Do you want to find special joy in Heaven? Each morning, pray for every single person who crosses your path in any way that day, and one day in the afterlife you'll see their smiling faces!

Can you imagine what a joy it would be to see thousands you have prayed for and perhaps helped in a way you didn't know (as well as the souls released from purgatory)?

Once, folks we know had the supply of salt for Chicago streets blessed. That winter, the streets in that huge city were anointed! Who knows how many accidents or crimes or storms or illnesses or simply arguments were averted as a result?

The Scriptural Rosary is a special way of blessing everyone we encounter and a gift in the battle against evil. It creates enormous protection -- combining as it does the power of the Word with the intercession of the Virgin. At other times, the bead Rosary blesses all around us. This too is based on Scripture and causes the same effects when prayed from the heart.

Once, in Rome, two female pick-pockets took my Scriptural Rosary out of my pocket. I didn't know it until one of them came running after me to return it!

Very odd. She returned it, muttering an apology!

Did she too feel the Power behind it?

A couple of years before, in Manhattan, at St. Patrick's, a woman who was psychologically disturbed (or demonized) and sitting in the pew in front of me screamed at Cardinal John O'Connor and then turned around and with a snarl tried to grab my Scriptural Rosary out of my hands!

She too -- or the spirit controlling her -- felt the power (and didn't like it).

We had a little tug of war and I still have that Rosary. I hope despite the circumstances that she was blessed by touching it.

I have used it daily for a couple of decades and have seen it cause enormously powerful effects. I have prayed it at Fatima, at Lourdes, at Knock, at Betania, at the Vatican, at the site of Crucifixion in Israel, in Bethlehem, in dozens of states, in Japan, in the former Soviet Union. Years ago, I had the time to recite the fifteen decades in the morning, fifteen decades around noon, then the fifteen before bed. For those who still do: try that as a real route to peace and a good night's sleep (as well as the occasional miracle; and sometimes, more than an occasional one).

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