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It is the time for repentance, for cleansing our "secret chambers." Great times are upon us.

Are we purifying? Have we let the Lord shine His Light into the hidden parts of our spirits? It is very important. Have we gone in prayer through our memories and renounced what needs to be renounced -- asking forgiveness, breaking that which binds us, and casting darkness away?

We build inner chambers throughout our lives and they reflect the places where we will stay in eternity.

Recently, we mentioned how powerful it is to name something -- how in actual deliverance, it can draw the enemy out.

That's because when we name we acknowledge. We target. We confess. We clear the secret chambers of our spirits.

When we think of names, we think of the Name that casts out all evil and we also might reflect on the importance of our own names -- and of naming a child properly (after prayer).

The most popular name for a girl used to be Mary. The most popular for a boy was Michael. From 1908 until 1961 (with the exception of a few years), the most popular name for a girl in the United States was "Mary."

It is now "Emily." (Mary is no longer in the top 100.)

For boys, it long had been Michael, which is still popular, but 14th -- behind names like Aiden. It reflects the world around us.

What's in a name?

A mission. A directive. A hidden meaning -- in those antechambers.

What's in a name?

A lot.

"The Hebrews attached great significance to choosing a name for a newborn child," wrote Dr. Francis MacNutt, a deliverance expert in Jacksonville, Florida, who once taught at a Catholic seminary. "The name often indicated the role the child was to play in the family or in the history of God's chosen people. The son of Isaiah the prophet, for example, was named 'Shear-jashub,' 'a remnant will return,' and the very name symbolized hope that the Israelites, after Isaiah's own time, would return from exile and punishment. Later, John the Baptist was named at God's command."

And of course, so was Jesus.

"Jesus" means "Yahweh is Salvation," noted Dr. MacNutt, and for those who bore it, it proclaimed a high mission. Meanwhile, He cast out evil spirits by their names. Hidden power!

"Ordinarily we need to find out the identity by their predominant activity: for example, a spirit of 'self-destruction' or a spirit of 'fear,'" wrote Dr. McNutt of Jacksonville in a bestseller called Healing. "I know this must sound strange to someone who has not been involved in this type of prayer, as it once did to me. Nevertheless, the demons do seem to have identities and names which they reveal to us in several ways. This is the quickest and most direct way of knowing what to pray for. They answer the command [to reveal their names], either by speaking through the infested person (often to his great surprise) or through suggesting very strong mental pictures or ideas to his mind.

"If an area of demonic interference is recognized, then the person should renounce any sin connected with it," says the deliverance expert. "If a spirit of hatred identifies itself, then the person should forgive any persons who have ever wronged him, and thus cut away the sin or wound that has given the demonic force a hold on him."

As we have said, there are spirits of lust. There are spirits of occultism. There are spirits of jealousy (a strong one this is). There are spirits of pride. There are spirits that serve as "roots" from which other spring. They can hide deep within us.

Whatever their names, they come out in the Name of Jesus!

Do you go to Confession monthly? Are you trying to keep your deepest parts clear (through repentance, forgiveness, and love)? Have you prayed to reveal the hidden areas where darkness may still lurk -- causing mysterious blockages or even illnesses?

"For there is nothing hidden except to be made visible," said Jesus (Mark 4:21-25), "nothing is secret except to come to light."

Go through your soul and cleanse it as you do the rooms in your house. Clear the floors. Polish the tarnished brass. Create a sanctuary. Adore in those places and they will become as an Adoration chapel.

Pray with the saints. Pray with Mary. Ask the Lord to reveal the secret chambers of your soul, and then ask Jesus to purify them. With that the air will clear and you see into your destiny.

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