There are secret lessons in the depths of the spirit. One of them is the power of forgiveness: For reasons that are mysterious, forgiveness has great power and it is often areas in our lives where we have not forgiven that bind or block us -- keep us frustrated. Go through your life and make sure you have absolved all who have insulted or hurt you and you may suddenly find stubborn, intractable matters lift from your existence.

There is the mystery of pain: All of us are born with certain pain, or go through episodes in life, physical or emotional. Yet we are not to pass that pain on. What a meditation this is: realizing where we have transferred our hurts to others -- and working to halt such. This truth will free you in a surprising manner. Purge the pain in your spirit, in your emotions, no matter how deep-seated it seems, and meditate on how you may have given or still be giving that pain to others. You don't want to transfer it. Have you?

Both of those lessons are lessons from the Cross. Forgiving. Enduring. Persisting.

Perhaps most intriguing in the depth of spirituality is the notion that in life we all -- each one of us -- have a special mission. We have written of this before. Let us explore it further. This is a very deep secret in your spirit. You have been sent here for a reason -- a specific reason that is unknown to you -- and it is important for you to fulfill that assignment. This is a prayer to be said each day -- that your mission be completed.

In fact, every person's mission is equal to every other person's. It may not make any "sense" to you -- any worldly sense -- but what God has assigned to you is as important as what He assigned to the President.

At a spiritual level, we all reverberate -- have effects -- that will not be recognized until later (that is, eternity).

Thus it is important for all of us to pray each day to fulfill the task.

That's not necessarily to know exactly what a mission is. Indeed, it may be against God's Will for you to precisely know what has been set for you. It may compromise the "test" of life. If we knew exactly what God expects, it would make the "test" easier" (and make no mistake: life is a constant test).

At the same time, we are not to dwell on what the mission is so much as fulfilling it according to its time. We are not to rush into what we think our mission may be. We are safest and most effective when we simply pray to do God's Will every moment.

This will take us to successful completion. A mission is defined as being sent forth with the authority to perform a specific duty.

"Your mission will be made known to you so that you might make a clearer decision," one woman claims she was told by Jesus. "But after this, you must decide. If you return to your life on earth, your mission and much of what you have been shown will be removed from your memory."

It could be simply raising a child. It could be helping someone who is ill. It could be offering up pain. It could be shining shoes. It could be suffering an illness to give another person the opportunity to help us! It could be simply praying for others. It could be leading a nation or cleaning the floors of a school -- both of which, in God's eyes, may be equal; it could be saying nice things to people as a cashier at a checkout.

For every time we do, it has a domino effect. A drop of goodness is a bright light that will cause other sparks of goodness.

Holiness sanctifies our surroundings.

The devil tries to twist the mission we have been assigned -- the grace we have been given, the gifts. He will seduce a leader into misleading a nation. He will cause a person who has been given the gift of income to use that money only on himself. He will influence a person who has a mission to build into construction of mansions instead of homes for the poor. The biggest traps are lust, selfishness, and materialism!

Doing God's Will (and following Sacred Scripture) is the answer.

One thing we can know: kindness will bring us joy and somewhere in the mysterious missions we have -- somewhere in the depths -- is the mission to love everywhere and everyone and despite the circumstances. Somewhere in that is always the "test"!

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