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When it comes to the current conflict with radical Islam, we have previously pointed out how parts of the Bible like Isaiah 9:10 and 2 Kings may be relevant. Upon further reading, as pertinent as any is the nineteenth chapter of 2 Kings. There, the Lord announces a punishment against the king of Assyria, Sennacherib, and sends an angel to strike down 185,000 of his men. Sennacherib was forced to break camp and return to the city of Nineveh, where, as punishment, he was slain by his own sons.

This all is intriguing because as we also have pointed out, Assyrians occupied what is now northern Syria and Iraq; in fact it's believed elements of al Qaeda derive from this ancient ethnic group (though the majority of Assyrians, to be sure, are anything but bad folks, many Christian). But the point remains: the "new al Qaeda," ISIS, now the world's pre-eminent terrorist group, is fighting to take over precisely Sennacherib's old kingdom -- Iraq and northern Syria. Meanwhile the city of Mosul -- in the news so often this year for atrocities committed against Christians (including the beheading of children) -- is virtually next door to the ruins of, yes, ancient Nineveh.

Before Sennacherib was slain, he was warned, by Isaiah, son of Amoz, that the Lord would "cut down its lofty cedars, its choice cypresses" and dry up the rivers. On September 11, a sycamore (also with biblical significance) was felled at the site of Saint Paul Chapel across from the World Trade Center -- where George Washington prayed after his inauguration -- and was replaced by a type of cedar (the so-called "Tree of Hope"). The Tree of Hope died last spring.

We so vividly recall 9/11, stranded as we were in Salt Lake City (for nearly a week, due to the paralysis of this nation's transportation infrastructure), and having lost, in the second tower, a dear friend. Those of you who were with us back then remember our extensive coverage, including of the aurora borealis or "northern lights," which displayed themselves in unusual ways leading up to the Iraq war (which was in retaliation for the terrorist attack).

That war, it seems, continues. The Pope remarked on his way back from Korea that we are in "World War Three." His words were lost on many media outlets. Yet they are of particular interest when one remembers it was an extraordinary display of northern lights -- in 1938 -- that Fatima seer Lucia dos Santos said served as a "great sign" of a coming chastisement which turned out to be World War Two. Fatima, meanwhile, took place in the throes of World War One, which was followed by a pandemic that claimed the lives of two of the famous seers.

One. Two. Three. Now, the northern lights flare again. There are solar storms. Was September 11 the kick-off to something more extensive and long-lasting than anyone expected, something that is far away from a conclusion? Our short answer: yes.

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