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Are seers right when they foresee the Anti-Christ?

by Michael H. Brown

       The news this New Year's was sobering: as mankind entered a new century -- and more crucially, a new millennium -- terrorists set off a bomb that killed many in the Philippines; churches were bombed in Yemen and Tajiskistan; and Israel was rocked by explosions. In the U.S. a disturbed man tried to handcuff the Archbishop of New York and in the Caribbean a nun was killed by terrorists who entered a church during Communion. 

         These were not idle acts. They were orchestrated by evil. As we begin the third millennium since the birth of Jesus, His adversary is increasingly -- nearly hysterically -- active. His time running short, the devil is in the mood for a decisive confrontation.

         Does that mean that the Anti-Christ -- the "mystery of iniquity" -- is also well-nigh? 

         That's what we have been hearing from hundreds of alleged seers. As in the Middles Ages -- when Europe was about to be devastated by bubonic fever -- prophets have risen on all sides proclaiming apocalyptic events. 

         Such prophecies have not come from places like Fatima or Medjugorje (which have stayed away from anything quite so dramatic), and here at Spirit Daily we have been especially wary of anything attached to the year 2000. It's the devil who seeks to confuse with expectations that are premature. 

       But there were strong warnings of the Anti-Christ from an alleged secret in 1846 at LaSalette, France (which maintained that the "King of kings of darkness" would rise after a series of huge natural disasters), and I have heard lesser-known seers proclaim something similar. In Ireland a seer named Christina says she saw an image of the Anti-Christ as a man 45 to 50 years old, with very piercing eyes and darker skin, perhaps Arabic. "There are many anti-christs and through them an army will unite and resurrect a leader," claimed the alleged Irish seer.

         The evil, said Christina, was "multiplying." Satan was taking advantage of his "last chance," and the last chance, she said, was going to be an "awful battle." A similarly dark-complected man (with gold vestments and a short black beard) was envisioned by a second Irish seer named Beulah Lynch.

       There are many others, and we must be careful to discern; events are unfolding powerfully but in a more gradual manner than many expected. Prophecies of the Anti-Christ are typical of every century. Even saints have been wrong.  Saint Norbert thought the Anti-Christ would come during the 1100s and a famous monk from Fiore believed the Anti-Christ would arrive in the year 1260. 

       Hundreds of others have rung false alarms since.

       Yet we must remain vigilant. The man of perdition will probably come sometime during the new millennium. It is the third millennium since Christ, and "three" is a significant number. If indeed Gallagher is correct, we still have not seen the huge natural disasters that precede the Anti-Christ, but there are signs that over the next several years and certainly the next couple decades such events will build.

       If nothing else we're told this has been a period of special evil, and the recent persecutions -- the direct attack on Christians, the way evil is coming into the open -- indicates at least the spirit of Anti-Christ.

       One of the most dramatic recent predictions of Anti-Christ has come from Pachi Talbott Borrero of Cuencha, Ecuador, whose alleged apparitions of the Virgin Mary gained attention during the late 1980s and early 1990s (including a personal visit from the president of Franciscan University) and who believes the Anti-Christ has actually taken on human form. She described him as a man who will work through science, is "very, very intelligent," and will at first seem both attractive and humble. In the 1990s she claimed he was still "very young." He would get people, she said, "through television and all the ways of the world. But especially to youth in music and drugs." He would bring people to egoism -- an epidemic of pride, Pachi said -- and mirroring what Gallagher saw, the Ecuadoran seer claimed he would "act directly in a terrible way after the punishment." 

       "All that I tell you is in Sacred Scripture," Pachi quoted Mary as saying. "A false prophet exists who will entangle [my little souls] saying he is God, but he is from the blood of the demon. He will betray the Father. And the one who has the heart and wisdom will realize that he carries the number of the beast, 666, on his right hand. Satan is set loose to touch my little ones, but I am that woman whom the Father announced, who will crush the head of the serpent who is Satan."

       Pachi said this revelation was accented on March 4, 1990, a day after her last apparition, when, receiving visitors at her mother's home, a "nun" who appeared short, plump, and barefoot, dressed in white with a mole on her cheek, came to the door insisting on a private meeting with the young seer. 

       "I felt uneasy about this but she was a religious woman and I said okay," Pachi once said. "We went to my mother's room and the nun slammed the door. She said, `Look at my feet. Look at my hands.' Her eyes were tremendously bad. Again she said, `Look at my hands, look at my feet.' Again I saw nothing. I started to pray to St. Michael and the nun stopped talking and her eyes squinted. Her voice changed to a deep voice, and again she said, `Look at my hands.' On her hands and feet were the stigmata. I was very scared. And in her right hand, which I thought was stigmata, appeared the number of the beast in blood -- 666. At that moment she tried to jump on me and she put her thumbs in my eyes."

       Was that an omen -- a demon in the flesh -- or simply a crazed woman?

       Time will tell. Whether the more apocalyptic prophecies will pan out -- whether the personage of Anti-Christ is ready to appear -- know this: the spirit of Anti-Christ has been in the world for more than a century and when such a spirit is present there is the chance it will precipitate. It is a time of exceptional evil and we have seen clear manifestations of the kind of persecution initiated by the spirit of Anti-Christ with demonic attacks specifically on Christians and during Mass itself at the very onset of this uncertain millennium.

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