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Quakes of last week may presage great earthquake 'storm'

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         Last week, as we all know, a large quake hit western India, killing thousands. It was a magnitude-7.9 -- not anywhere near as large as a quake can get, but larger than what we have recently seen in California and an indication of what's to come. The Indian quake was accompanied by reports that same day of quakes in Greece, Mexico City, and northeastern Ohio.

         Was that a coincidence? Or was it something we can expect to see more frequently: earthquake "storms"? 

         It was minor this time (the quakes in Ohio and Greece were magnitude-4 or less) but the next one -- the next ones -- may not be so minor. There is a momentum building. In 1998 the number of deaths from earthquakes tripled from the previous year and then more than doubled from that in 1999. There's an excellent chance, with 10,000 to 20,000 dead in India alone (more than for all quakes in 1998 together), that the figures will soar even higher for 2001.

           More importantly, there's the growing prospect of seismic clusters.

         In other words we may see one quake set off one that is larger.

         While seismologists and geophysicists still debate the point, there's a growing feeling that quakes in widely dispersed parts of the world can be connected, that they "conversate" with each other, that one can provoke another. 

          Is there thus a chance that a quake in Asia could set off the "big one" in California -- or vice versa?

         Might there be a flurry like we have never seen, including one of a magnitude we have not yet recorded?  

         The answer is yes.

         Consider that in 1906, year of the famous San Francisco earthquake, there were even more powerful quakes in Japan and Ecuador. Indeed, shortly after the great Frisco quake there was a huge tremor in the Aleutian islands, and just thirty minutes after that was a yet greater one in Chile. There were major quakes that year in New Guinea, Australia, the Antilles, China, and again in Chile.

         They were all more powerful than what just struck India. 

         "Normally you have one magnitude-8 earthquake every one and a half to two years," we are told by Lowell S. Whiteside of the National Geophysical Data Center. "That year there were about ten of them."

         For decades seismologists believed that earthquakes were unrelated and that it was just a coincidence when they came in a cluster. It is no longer looking like a "coincidence." Instead it's looking like when one tremor resonates through the earth, others -- sometimes others that are substantially larger -- follow. As another example an earthquake in Landers California, on June 28, 1992, was followed within hours by increased quake activity across the western United States, from Mammoth Lakes in California to Washington State and even the Yellowstone area! According to Dr. Whiteside, the 1989 Loma-Prieta earthquake in San Francisco may have triggered seismic activity as far away as Hawaii!

          As we head into a time of natural turmoil, we can expect some of God's warnings to come in the form of major and perhaps unprecedented seismic activity, activity that will rumble for days or weeks, that will be without modern precedent, that may even form major chastisements. It is just such regional events that have been indicated by some of the recent seers. Visionaries in Ireland have forewarned of sounds coming from the ground like claps of thunder and the sensation of an immense wind and a split in the earth. In Venezuela Maria Esperanza has warned that the earth's core "is not in balance."

         Such is also predicted by scientists who say we're overdue.

         "It's like putting a bullet in a gun," says Dr. Whiteside. "If the stresses are there and they're just waiting for a trigger, it's like putting a bullet in a gun. All you have to do is pull the trigger." 

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