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From the mailbag: if you want more priests, says former seminarian, weed feminists and homosexuals out

Editor's note: we have put off the below letter for weeks -- in fact, for two months -- but feel we now have to run it. We try whenever possible to avoid all but the most major stories concerning sexual scandal. We find it unedifying, unpleasant, and feel the media have often overplayed scandals involving priests, nuns, and ministers -- the devil's way of besmirching them all. In our experience, the majority of priests are incredible, holy people with standards far higher than the average person. Let us repeat: the majority. We're always surprised at just how good so many priests are. Thank God, vocations are again beginning to rise in traditional dioceses, and worldwide there is no longer a shortage. Good men are becoming good priests. But at the same time, there's no hiding from a crisis that does exists, and that crisis is homosexuality in the seminaries. Day in and day out we get reports of pedophilia and other transgressions that are getting hard to ignore. We realize it may look like more than it is; a hundred priests, for example, would only be a fraction of the priesthood. But several of our seminaries have become dens of iniquity -- and it's time for the church to root it out. Ignoring the problem has not worked. Here then is correspondence with a former East Coast seminarian whom we have personally met and who sent us this disturbing letter, which was initially confidential but is published now here with his consent:  

Dear Spirit Daily,
    I applaud your article regarding the so-called priest shortage. Your article couldn't be more true. How do I know you ask? I was in the seminary at one time. As I do not wish to hurt the Church or it's faithful I will deliberately remain anonymous. However, as a straight, heterosexual male who was at the time pursuing the celibate priesthood, I was outnumbered. By outnumbered, I mean the number of actively homosexual men was staggering to me. After a time, two years to be exact, I felt I could no longer live among so many hypocrites. Many of these "men" were all too boastful about their homosexuality and their indifference to the celibate call. Consequently, guys like myself and many others are turned off by this type of environment which is inundated with active homosexuals. For those who legitimately aspire to the priesthood, it is disheartening to have to endure their licentious behaviors.
    Therefore, until we can find a way to weed these candidates out, we will continue to have difficulty attracting good men to the priesthood. Even friends of mine who made it to the priesthood have to struggle in a priesthood that is inundated with homosexuals and their unwanted advances. This is very unfortunate. As a Christian, I do not hate homosexuals, however, I do not understand their incessant need to let everyone know their orientation and subsequent lifestyle and behaviors.
    If you have any research data on this I would appreciate if you could forward it to me or tell me where I can find some pertinent data.
    Please keep my inquiry confidential as I do not wish to hurt the Church, nor its faithful. If the faithful people only knew what kind of candidates are continually being ordained who ought not be ordained, it would be detrimental to their faith. In my opinion, this is a pervasive problem within the church and should be addressed. However, there are many people in positions of authority in the Church that are within the homosexual ranks. Therefore, it does not seem likely that this problem will be addressed any time soon. Despite that, they are not fooling God, who will judge us all in the end.
    As for the radical feminist agenda in the church, we had our fair share of them studying theology in the seminary too. They are always trying to push their feminist agenda, as well. In some cases with great success as in the Diocese of Los Angeles. Thank God, we have a pontiff that has closed the issue on women's ordination. There are some things that we are meant to be different in, and priesthood is one of them. If Christ wanted women to be priests then he would have chosen His mother to be one. However, the gospels explicitly state that he chose 12 men. His mother, being the faithful servant of God, did not have a problem with that. Perhaps, these radical feminists should be more like Mary, a meek and humble servant. For the feminists, it is an issue of being equal to men in everything, not so much a deep-seeded call to the priesthood. Consequently, they are trying to open an issue that has been closed and hopefully, by the power of God, will remain so.
    I believe I've made my point. Please pray with me that the Church, which is guided by the Holy Spirit, will be renewed in the coming years and that those who are like wolves in sheep's clothing will be taken to task for their infidelity to the Lord and his Church. AMEN!

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