New book says modern evil is set to provoke return of huge ancient disasters

by Michael H. Brown

       We will soon release a new book documenting intensifying natural events that seem to indicate future disasters. The book, SENT TO EARTH, will be published by Queenship in Santa Barbara, California, and is my most extensively researched work since The Final Hour. I spoke to more than 300 scientists and traveled from Ireland to Tokyo. 

       But it is not a scientific book; it is a spiritual one. SENT TO EARTH  documents episodes when human transgressions and evil led to severe chastisements in historical times -- including global climate change, massive earthquakes, volcanoes, tidal waves, mega-drought, storms, and even possible asteroid activity that changed societies and the landscape itself.

       We have all been lulled into complacency by false prophecies, but the fact is that things are coming, and while I'm not saying this is the end of the world -- the "apocalypse" (although that's always possible) -- it is a very serious situation. I'm convinced that major events are about to occur on a regional scale, and then graduate into global occurrences, as indicated in the secrets of LaSalette and Medjugorje. I believe we are already seeing the beginning -- the precursors and build-up.

         The book starts with the era of Egyptians, pyramids, and Sodom and Gomorrah, and surveys past huge events during the Middle Ages and Roman times before documenting our own time and a pattern of activity that indicates the return of massive ancient disasters. The pattern began around 1846 -- the year of LaSalette -- and has been building since, stepping up speed greatly in the past 11 years. 

        Since 1989 we in the U.S. have seen seven of the top ten disasters in American history, even adjusting for changes in the value of the dollar. Every year there are great wildfires, earthquakes, or "storms of the century." These are the kind of events that will increase in intensity -- and finally burst through as mega-events in the near future. In the Atlantic is a hidden fault that could cause a massive tidal wave; in California astronomers nervously watch for asteroids; in Miami, knowing the big one is overdue, the government has built a fortress-like hurricane center; at the Jet Propulsion Lab in Pasadena they discovery new astronomical threats on a weekly basis.

       Disasters are on the way and the reason is evil. With the possible exception of Roman and Egyptian times, no other society has had such an accumulation of sin. We kill 46 million babies every year through abortion -- even taking their lives just weeks before they would have been born -- and now we have the specter of genetic manipulation and cloning, which would exceed any past sin. This is man trying to ascend to God's throne, and that's the high sin of Lucifer.

         Is it "doom and gloom"? The truth is never gloom. The gloom is in denying serious problems and allowing them to fester. 

       It's my contention that evil is going to lead to dire consequences as God breaks down society in the way he has broken it down many times in the past, including with global events. Few realize that massive storms larger than any we have seen once hurled gigantic storm surges from Louisiana, Mississippi, and Florida to Virginia -- in one case indicating that sustained hurricane winds had reached 260 miles an hour and storm surge was at least 40 feet, instantly burying Calusa Indian settlements. At other times there have been dramatic changes in global weather and huge earthquake "storms" that destroyed or caused the abandonment of virtually every known settlement. Islanders throughout the Pacific fled; there were migrations across North America.

       As it explains in the Bible, haughtiness and idolatry -- straying from God -- bring man to ruin. We are still in a time of mercy, but if we don't convert, if we don't turn sinners into believers, if we don't halt the multiplication of evil -- in life, in movies, in our youth -- that mercy will soon blend with God's justice.

        Not since the Middle Ages have we been in such a critical period; not since the end of the Roman Empire have we faced a global disturbance; not since the time of the pyramids have we raced so blindly toward the types of disasters that swept and changed, that terrified, the ancient world -- and that without an urgent turn back to Christ are now set to return.



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