Excerpt from SENT TO EARTH

Climate change indicates purification

                 By Michael H. Brown                  

       It's now clear: Since the middle part of the 19th century, our planet has warmed substantially and the result will be more whipsawing weather, heavy winter precipitation, and "storms of the century." It's not clear if the warming will continue or reverse, but there's little doubt that it will change. The issue is now being debated among the world's largest nations, who are worried -- some urgently -- about the meteorological swerve.

       In my book I argue that these harbingers herald a general purification. The argument is not so much whether the climate is changing, but whether it's caused by pollution or natural forces. 

       I'm not sure which is the case but I believe it also has to do with supernatural forces. Through history, whenever chastisements of society are about to begin, there is a change in climate.

       During Egyptian times and in the latter Bronze Age it was a cooling, while during the last major chastisement -- the bubonic plague in the Middle Ages -- it was global warming almost identical to what we now see, followed by a downward gyration in temperatures. 

       Such changes are accompanied by severe weather and we are seeing it already.

       Look around: storms in England, floods in Asia, hurricanes in North Carolina. A year ago phenomenal rains killed at least 20,000 in Venezuela.

       Every week, it seems, brings some part of the world its "storm of the century."

       Right now Sweden is experiencing its worst floods in 100 years.

       No part of the world has been immune -- fires out west while there are floods in the east and in India and the Pacific and Asia: strong ocean surges.

       It's how God works. It's the way He always has. Throughout the entire Bible we see instances where He has used the weather to nudge mankind back to obedience and so now we see flux in climate accompanied by unusual events, whether political, military, or meteorolgoical.

       Oven-like temperatures in Israel. Drought in Egypt. When evil builds, God allows events that break the evil down.

      As prophesied as long ago as LaSalette, the Catholic site where the Virgin Mary gave secrets in 1846, our seasons are altering. While scientists and politicians can debate the cause of the upward temperature trend (whether it's natural or from pollution), the trend itself is clear. Since the mid-part of the 19th century, temperatures over land have increased by 1.8 degrees. 

       That's a startling flux in a field where changes are measures in the thousandths. 

       And the result has already been wild weather. When there's more heat there's more moisture, and when there's more moisture, there's more precipitation. There is more rising air and violent wind. In Texas tornadoes have sucked the lungs out of cattle and hailstones have crashed through windows.

       According to scientists I interviewed, there has already been an eight-to-ten percent increase in rainfall and half of the increase is occurring in the most intense events.

       Translation: severe storms are becoming that much more severe.

       Monsoons will have more rain, hurricanes will be larger, and while winters will be warmer, blizzards will have more snow. We have already seen this in Buffalo.

       There will be floods and what Our Lady of LaSalette called "convulsions of water."

       The 1990s saw record weather and the new century is continuing the trend with a vengeance. There were a phenomenal 65 tropical storms in the Atlantic between 1995 and 1999 and during that last year five category-four hurricanes formed for the first time as global surface temperatures hovered around 62 degrees and reports of large hailstorms tripled.  

       In 1999, Oklahoma saw the strongest winds ever recorded in a tornado as the number of twisters skyrocketed from 800 a year in the 1980s to more than 1,200 some years in the 1990s.

       Two years ago so much rain was dumped during a hurricane in Central America that fifty years worth of infrastructure was destroyed, rivers rerouted, and corpses floated from one country to another.

       The same happened in the past. During the Middle Ages temperatures increased so much that grapes were grown in England and agriculture sprung up on Iceland, along with major European floods that alternated with disease and famine. 

       It was a time -- like or own -- of increased solar activity. Small fluxes on the sun can cause changes in radiation with major effects not only on temperature but on the way clouds in the upper atmosphere are formed.

       Is this why the sun is seen to spin and change color at prophetic sites like Fatima, Betania, and Medjugorje? 

       It was the very year of LaSalette that old parchment records show a tremendous temperature spike in Ireland.

       It hasn't stopped. In fact the 1990s saw seven of the warmest years on record.  

       In Dallas there was a stretch of more than a month where temperatures hit 100 every single day, while in the North they're spotting southern birds like the pelican. In what climatologists said was a 1,000-year event, the thermometer stayed above 80 degrees Fahrenheit for 12 consecutive nights in Tampa during 1998, and Arctic ice has shrunken by 14 percent. 

          Global surface temperature is now hovering around 62, there is now a third of a degree rise in temperature every decade, and scientists fear it could rise up to another two to seven degrees by the end of this century -- which would be more than we have seen in 120,000 years, if not longer.        

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