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Have you ever noted how very many special spiritual aspects went with September 11?

Back when it happened, we reported on the many folks who seemed to have premonitions of it: an artist in Canada who had painted two towers exploding, a man who looked at the sky before September 11 and saw clouds formed just like the towers, and mystics such as Maria Esperanza who foresaw an attack.

Years before, The New Yorker Magazine had a cover cartoon that included a number of headlines of various disasters, one of which had to do with a bombing at the Trade Center, an apparent reference to the one a year before, in 1993 -- but the date of the magazine was September 11. The second bombing allegedly was also prophesied by the Blessed Mother to two girls from a village called Zaro on the island of Ischia in Italy on October 8, 1994, prophesying the events of September 11 seven years before they occurred. Elsewhere, many claimed dreams in which they saw towering buildings collapse or the planes hitting.

There is that aspect, forebodings, but the spiritual aspect -- and import -- seems to go even deeper. And it involved multivariate manifestations.

Days after the attack, emergency crews as well as a photographer and a good number of others said they saw a strange man behind the barricades -- in the off-limits zone, near the smoldering rubble -- uncannily and hauntingly (and in the wake of future events, meaningfully) playing a trumpet. Yet when this well-known photographer, who heard about it on a radio show, rushed there and tried to snap a picture, his camera jammed. No one ever found out who the trumpet player was nor how he evaded police who were keeping everyone away. As for the prophetic significance, September 11 turned out to be the beginning not just of war in Afghanistan and Iraq, but the "Pearl Harbor" of a slow-motion war being waged with increasing intensity by radical Muslims worldwide.

Meantime, photos of the fires taken by media, private citizens, and police showed what seemed like supernatural images in the flames or smoke pouring forth from the two buildings. One was on CNN -- drawing even secular notice.

We had an article back then about a New York City cop named Ralph Sarchie who collected pictures that seemed to have demonic visages or the faces of deceased. "I started looking at the photographs, and I saw hundreds and hundreds of spirit energies in the photographs," he told us. "This just shows that hundreds of people who perished are still earthbound at that location, because they were picked up on film. And there was one particular photograph of smoke coming out of the building that has a clear demonic face on it."

As huge as the attack was in the natural, it seems to be even larger in the grand scheme of things, larger in a way we as a society can not yet fathom, for it has not all played out as yet.

Premonitions of this event were strikingly apparent -- nearly common -- among victims or their families. We interviewed the wife of Thomas Burnett. He was a devout Catholic who indicated in many ways that he was about to be involved in something major, something that had to do with Washington. He spoke to his wife of the feeling that they would not be growing old together. He started going to daily Mass and also tried to double his life insurance policy not long before he attacks. It turned out that he was on Flight 93, which went down over Pennsylvania, before it could attack D.C. (Burnett helped lead the charge of passengers who stopped the hijackers).

Another 9/11 widow, Bonnie McEneaney, recounts in a book we have just seen how "in the summer of 2001, my husband [Eamon] was positive that his death was imminent and communicated a series of compelling premonitions, including a discussion on how to escape from the Trade Center in the event of the attack he was sure was coming. This particular exchange took place on the Sunday of Labor Day weekend, nine days before September 11th, and precipitated a week filled with numerous other disturbing comments from Eamon relating to the imminence of his death -- and that he 'could handle it now."

Unfortunately, many widows sought the consultation of mediums. In Bonnie's book we learn of the many who say their deceased loved ones have visited from beyond the grave -- sent signs (birds, butterflies, flickering lights, coincidences, even coins turning up in odd places), or allegedly appearing in apparition. There are so many similar accounts -- premonitions -- one is led to wonder if it's because this is such a famous case and involved so many that reports circulate more widely than they might otherwise, or because it was so traumatic God allowed special messages.

Recalled the wife of another, Joseph Calandrillo, who worked in the North Tower for Resinsurance Solutions International, "One night, the first week of September, after I had gone to sleep, Joe woke me up. He was standing at the foot of our bed. He looked up at me very intently and said, 'Deborah, I have a feeling that I'm going to die young.' That same week, he woke up again after having a terrible nightmare. He said it was 'too horrible to relate.'"

Later, about a week after 9/11, Deborah claims that Joe suddenly appeared in the bedroom, lying on the bed with a solemn expression. He wasn't solid, she claimed. She could see through him.

Writes Bonnie, "One friend in particular shared that whenever she thought of her son or missed him most, she would find a penny, often in an unusual location; once, at a 9/11 legal meeting, while thinking about her son, she looked down, and there was one right by her foot."

In 2004 another woman named Jo whose husband's remains had not be found went down to give DNA samples from her two daughters, which officials could then use to try and identify anything matching her husband Kell. "Suddenly, Jo noticed that the lights over her head were blinking," writes the Bonnie. She asked if others noticed it. She strongly felt her husband's presence. "At that exact moment, there was a knock on the door. The medical examiner left the room. When he returned, he had a shocked expression on his face. They had just, at that very moment, made a positive identification of Kell's remains. The medical examiner told them it was a first: they had never before made such an identification while the victim's family was present." She knew right away which of six eighteen-wheel mortuary trucks the remains were in.

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