Spiritual Warfare Prayers, by Robert Abel, a little booklet of extremely powerful prayers that aim to release us from demonic bondage --whether our own sinfulness or evil that has come our way as the result of curses or generational problems. There are prayers against malefice, prayers to create a spiritual 'canopy' over your home, prayer to bind evil spirits, and prayers of inner healing! Very popular as a bedside companion. This little pamphlet is to be kept at bedside and for use in the many trying circumstances of life on a planet with constant dangers and challenges.  click here 



We'll be focusing a bit more in coming months on inner healing, starting, God-willing, with a retreat this weekend in Raleigh, North Carolina, and then during our pilgrimage to Lourdes, which of course is famous for healing of every kind, and during which we will approach those inner hurts that can hold us down and go into prayer about them (as it stands now, we will be accompanied to Europe by an excellent priest who's trained in healing and exorcism). It is important to cleanse interiorly before we can effect cleanliness throughout.

It is for a good reason that Jesus referred on occasion to afflicting spirits as "unclean" ones.

And from time to time -- too often, for too long -- they afflict us all.

Earth is a battlefield. We all fight shadows. They hover. They linger. They stalk. The come from without and from within.

As a true expert in this domain, Dr. Henry Malone, says, "The schemes of the demonic realm affect your life. Have you ever felt as if a cloud was hanging over your head or a dark shadow was following you? Maybe it seemed as if there was an invisible barrier keeping you from what you really want to do or become. If so, it's time to sharpen your spiritual sight and realize there is more in this life than what can be seen!"

This is from his general Christian book, Shadow Boxing: The Dynamic 2-5-14 Strategy to Defeat the Darkness Within, which is heartily recommended.

The "2" stand for the basic types of affliction -- demonic intrusion or "legal ground" (areas of your life where, due to imperfection, you have allowed the devil proprietary right to a certain portion of your terrain). The "five" stands for access points: the "open doors." These may be disobedience, unforgiveness, emotional trauma, judgmentalism, the occult, and curses.

Once the devil and his agents enter, they can grow like a "root," and from them spring smaller feeder roots and then shoots that pierce to the surface, and pierce our souls.

Root demons, in his definition, include strongholds of infirmity, fear, divination, whoredom, bondage, haughtiness, perverseness, antichrist, deaf and dumbness, heaviness, lying, jealousy, stupor (or slumber), and error.

From them come many other problems.

For example, from a "root" of infirmity can come everything from lingering aggravations like allergies or sinus problems to arthritis and cancer. It's not to say those ailments are always caused by evil spirits! It's rather to contend that they can lead to serious health issues, or aggravate pre-existing conditions.

From the spirit of fear, says Malone, comes anxiety, stress, shyness, inferiority, lack of trust, a critical spirit, torment, and even, sometimes, nightmares. From the spirit of whoredom can come lust, pornography, adultery, incest, and love of money (which even Scripture describes as itself a "root" of many evils, using that word). Haughtiness? Under that category can come pride, scorn, stubbornness, egotism, gossip, overbearingness, and so forth.

"Lord," Malone himself once cried out, when he was oppressed, "there must be more than what I am experiencing! Is there a way to get rid of the vile filth inside me once and for all? Is there a way to silence the dark screams and demands of the dark shadows that plague me?"

He found deliverance -- a new life -- with that plea because it was from the heart. It was honest. It was candid. It was a confession. He wasn't trying to hide anything. He was letting it all out before God.

The prison in which he lived was broken open, just as the angel unlocked the cell door for Paul and Silas.

As one reviewer said, "Shadow Boxing explores the false ideas about what is troubling us and lays an axe to the root of our problems."

It does have plenty of examples and sharp insights! When we don't get to the root, the "weeds" grow back. It may be the root of a tree! We are particularly interested in focusing on emotional hurts from the past and other hidden things that we have long forgotten but that may remain as an injury serving as an access point, a point of intrusion that must be closed and purged.

In prayer, we can go back in time; we can ask God to search our entire lives; we can explore hidden times when we were not loved, when there was not affirmation, when there was rejection, when others failed us, when we failed others, when we lacked love; we can ask the Lord to show us the sources for anxieties and sicknesses and compulsions, for poison that must be drained; we can ask the Lord to fill empty places. We can all use this. And of course, everyone can do it through their own personal prayer. We can take an axe to the root -- in the Name of Christ; through prayer, through Confession, through Mass: we can seek to lift blockages once and for all, blocks that come from deep hurts, that spring from wrong soul-ties, that disallow inner tranquility, and that prevent us from being the best and happiest and holiest that we can be.

[resources: Shadow Boxing: The Dynamic 2-5-14 Strategy to Defeat the Darkness Within]

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