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In Movie Are Symbols For The Invasion Of Demonic Spirits, And How To Defeat Them

By Michael H. Brown

I went to see the movie Signs last week, and I don't agree with those who say it has a Hindu or New Age slant. At the end, at the climax of this movie, a preacher who'd left the faith returns to the clergy. 

It was a positive message. It was a message on how God is watching over us -- Someone Who often sends events that seem negative at first but that end up having highly beneficial consequences. As it turns out, a boy suffering what seemed like a catastrophic asthma attack is saved when his clamped lungs -- at first seeming like an unfortunate event -- protect him from an assault by poison gas.

How many times have we seen this? How many times has there turned out to be a lesson or silver lining in what at first seemed negative? It's up to us to see the positive opportunities. That was one lesson. There was another: the pervasiveness, the "invasion" in our own time, of the demonic. 

This the director may not have so directly intended, but the movie is about an invasion by malevolent extraterrestrials, and they're portrayed with eyes and other features that call to mind the classic descriptions of demons. 

Throughout the movie is the main theme of these evil aliens landing in dozens of cities around the world, which is a metaphor for the demonic influx in our time. We have been told by the Blessed Mother at countless sites of apparition that such would be the case. At LaSalette, one of the two seers, Melanie Calvat, allegedly received a secret in which she quoted the Virgin as warning that "Lucifer together with a large number of demons will be unloosed from hell; they will put an end to faith little by little."  

That warning was for 1864. Does it still apply? 

She was also quoted as saying that there would be "a time of darkness," that "everywhere there will be extraordinary wonders," that "the devil will resort to all his evil tricks to introduce sinners into religious orders," and that "the spirits of darkness will spread [a slacking of faith] everywhere." 

Can anyone deny this? 

You may think the whole issue of UFOs and the like is nonsense -- and it may be -- but we think at least some of the manifestations, some of the unexplained lights, are spiritual deceptions. At Fatima, Sister Lucia of Jesus and of the Immaculate Heart, the sole-surviving visionary in what, along with Lourdes, may be the most famous of all apparitions, has described the current times as "very evil" and a period of "diabolical disorientation." In her new book, she points to Revelation 12:1 -- which is followed by the appearance of the "red dragon" (the title, by the way, of another major movie). 

"The devil is in the mood for engaging in a decisive battle against the Virgin," said Sister Lucia back in 1957. It cannot be much clearer than that, and we see that "science fiction" is often a metaphor, that writers, producers, and directors are sometimes conveying prophecy without knowing it!

Indeed, in our opinion, the entities symbolized by "aliens" are all around us -- invading, threatening.  Do we not all note striking recent incidences of evil? Have we not seen it take a fantastic hold? Have we not all been attacked or seen its effects in our own families?  The Pope himself has declared our time as a time of an "apocalyptic battle" between light and dark.

At the same time, here's the good news: evil spirits are also vulnerable. In the movie Signs is the mysterious notion that the aliens finally head back for their "planet" -- are defeated -- after some ancient practice that went back to the Middle East is used against them. There is also the notion that they dread water. 

Might the "water" be Holy Water? And might the "ancient practice" be found in ancient Scripture?

Personally, I didn't find the movie quite what it was cranked up to be, and I wouldn't take kids to it. I would also be careful not to let the images fester. An energy can come from demonic images. But it was a well-made movie and a brilliant metaphor both for what is occurring around us and what we need to do about it. "Advance against Satan by means of prayer," said the Madonna of Medjugorje. "Put on the armor for battle and with the rosary in your hand, defeat him!"

[For more awareness of evil, we highly recommend  this book]

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