The Scriptural Rosary
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Here is a sampling of some more mail on rumblings, lights in the sky, and fascinating cloud formations -- for your discernment! We'll continue to carry such items as occasions warrant:

From Des Moines we heard from Jan Young, who reported to us in November: "Today as I started to read the headlines on Spirit Daily I looked down and saw the picture of the angel in the clouds over Ontario. I just about fainted! Last Saturday night as I was driving into town for Mass I saw the exact same thing in the sky. I remember thinking that it looked like Gabriel with his trumpet. We live in Iowa and our home is in the country. I had about ten minutes of driving and watching the cloud before I got to the church. I just couldn't believe it when I saw this picture."

From Brooklyn we hear from Rose Douglas who relates: "Your website is great. It's the first time I've gone in. When I read about the Aurora Borealis, I too thought about WWII and the occurrence back then. But, I also thought about two rainbows I witnessed about two summers ago. They were so magnificent, they looked as though they encircled the world. Everyone in my neighborhood came out to the streets to see them. The whole place looked golden, and the rainbows were extremely vivid. The first one we saw consisted of two arcs -- yes, a double rainbow, both extremely perfect -- and they looked as though they encircled the whole world. They lasted about ten to 15 minutes. A couple of weeks later, the same phenomenon occurred (at least to my remembrance it was two weeks later..). I couldn't help but think even then that they had to be signs for something. And as things have transpired, I am sure now that they were. I truly had never seen rainbows this vivid. They looked like something Hollywood would have portrayed."

From Elkhart, Indiana, Lisa Dawson writes about the strange rumbling sounds many claim to hear. "This last Thursday my 11-year-old son was awoken in the middle of the night describing it as a loud rumbling sound. He was unaware of the recent article that I read, so I asked him about what happened. He described it by saying that it was like he was standing in front of an airplane propeller. He said the noise continued, not like an airplane was just flying over our house. It just so happen that at 3:30 a.m. I was awoken and felt the need to prayer the Rosary. I prayed seven decades and a Chaplet of Mercy before falling asleep again. Was I perhaps awoken by the same sound? . . I wondered the following morning. I was hoping you could e-mail me the articles regarding this. I believe they appeared on your site sometime within the last two weeks. I love your site and visit it everyday. Thank you for your ministry and website."

From Glen Nevis, Ontario, we heard from a priest named Father Dan Gauthier of St. Margaret's who writes: "After reading your story about the aurora borealis I just thought that I'd share with you the vision of the most magnificent that I have ever seen in my 43 years of existence. It occurred on Monday night, November 5, 2001, from 9:45 till roughly 10:45 according to CJOH News in Ottawa which I heard made the report on the following day. In appearance, it was much similar to the last picture of your report. It started from the zenith (center of the heavens) & spread out all over the sky in rays. Some sections were deep red while others in the north cloudy green. Did not think of taking any pictures. But I think you need a very sensitive film for that type of picture. My confrère Fr. Éric saw it with me, many people from the area as well, some of our confrères in Québec City saw it as well, but was very dim because of the city lights. I'm located in eastern Ontario, in the country side just an hour & half south of Ottawa so it was quite the wonder to see!"

From the Northeast we heard from a traveler who saw things heavenward: "I just read your article on the signs in the sky and loud rumblings. I do not know what to make of it or how to interpret it but I will tell my story anyway. Two weeks ago my family and I were returning home to Pennsylvania from our vacation home in Vermont. While traveling through the state of New York the children were sleeping so I decided to begin my Rosary as I often do. My husband was driving and I was in the back seat looking out of the window up to the sky. The clouds were dark and the sky was brilliant with colors of red, yellow, gold, pink and purple. The clouds looked to me to be making shapes of demonic faces and images. Some of the demonic looking clouds were fighting with angelic looking clouds. This went on for quite some time and as we left the state the clouds began to appear normal again and the sky was blue once more. As I said I do not know what to make of it but find it interesting in light of your article today. God bless
and thank you for Spirit Daily!!!"

From the area of New Orleans: "I never thought I would be writing this, but yesterday coming out of daily Mass, I happened to look up in the evening sky, and I saw an angel formation in the clouds! I hurried and told my mother to look up and she saw it also, along with another lady. The angel appeared to be blowing a horn (like you see in the Christmas cards). Walking back to my truck, I turned around and I saw another angel formation behind the church. I read your website Spirit Daily almost every day, and I have read reports of people seeing things in the clouds, but I have never experienced anything like that before."

Stay tuned...

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