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From the Pope to seers, warnings about the United Nations

by Michael H. Brown

         In recent years John Paul II and a slew of reputed seers have issued warnings about the United Nations and its potential effect on the world. Last week we reported on the connection between a major U.N. official and a New Age center in Colorado [see below]. In an insidious fashion it is trying to move the world toward global governance and while we caution people not to become overly conspiratorial or paranoid and while we appreciate many of the U.N.'s efforts -- especially in exposing environmental problems -- the spirit it is evoking is troubling. 

         We're troubled because the U.N. has demonstrated an anti-Christian approach, which is seen in its policies toward feminism and abortion. In 1994 the International Conference on Population and Development appeared in effect to legitimize abortion on demand and accept artificial contraception methods -- pitting it directly against the Vatican, where John Paul II actually cried "We protest!" from his window overlooking St. Peter's Square one Sunday in April of that year.

         When it comes to the U.N. the Pope has thundered like an Old Testament prophet!

         "John Paul II had decided to declare his own state of war against the United Nations," wrote Carl Bernstein and Marco Politi in a biography of him. "He was furious. His closest friend in the Vatican, Cardinal Deskur, had never seen the Pope in such a rage. Usually John Paul II paid a visit every week to the ailing cardinal. Seated at the table where Deskur had arranged so many dinners to launch Bishop Wojtyla, John Paul II spoke freely. 'They are causing the shipwreck of humanity.' His condemnation referred to both the U.N. and the Western democracies."

         I remember trying to pray in the lobby of the U.N. once and finding it all but impossible. It was like a spirit was holding me back. While waiting for a meeting, it was all I could do to finally say a Rosary. 

         This is because of secularism and even occultism. As one correspondent, Lee Penn, points out, world political and spiritual leaders held a hectic series of summit meetings at the U.N. last summer. "There were few discernible results -- other than providing additional proof that the U.N., many non-Christian `spiritual leaders,' and most of the organizations associated with the U.N. are hostile to traditional Christianity and support a government-regulated global economic system."

         At other recent interfaith events, such as the 1999 Parliament of World Religions, and meetings of what is known as the United Religions Initiative since 1996, there has been significant participation, notes Penn, by neo-pagans, cultists, and New Agers. 

         The U.N. has sought to unite religions on eco-spirituality and earth-based religions. During the 1990s it began a program that included the mailing of suggestions for ecological sermons to thousands of churches around the world. At the U.N.'s Earth Summit in Rio in 1992 there was not only a tremendous New Age flavor but also the fact that a prayer known as the "Great Invocation" was used as an opening litany at the plenary session of non-governmental organizations -- a prayer written by an occult group that once owned a publishing unit called "Lucifer Publishing."

           We'll have more about all this in the future. But let's get to what visionaries say. I'll start with Ukrainian mystic Josyp Terelya -- who on September 18, 1992, had an alleged revelation describing the U.N. as a "dead skull with the voice of nations."

         "It is Satan himself who speaks through the false prophet of the organization of the United Nations, using the dead corpse of the organization of the United Nations to deceive mankind," Terelya claims he was told by the Virgin Mary.

         This matches strikingly -- startlingly -- with what was reported by Zdenko "Jim" Singer, a Canadian man who began receiving apparitions in 1989. "Out of His mercy and grace, the Father has gifted you the Queen of Peace, yet nations prostitute themselves to this dead head which now lives again in that city by the ocean," Singer claims he was told by the Lord in 1993 (even though at the time he had not seen Terelya's message, which had not yet been published). 

         As always, we submit such messages without endorsement on other messages given by the seers and for your own discernment only. Please discern with prayer and caution. We also note that if it was Christian-based and less intent on domination, the U.N. -- which has done many beneficial things -- could become a great force for good.

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