There has been confirmation that one seer from Medjugorje has seen Father Slavko, a deceased priest who served as a spiritual director at the site, during recent apparitions. The visionary, Ivan Dragicevic, who lives both in Medjufgorje and the Boston area, was asked before a crowd of more than 700 at St. Rose of Lima Church in Chelsea, Massachusetts March 25 if he saw Father Slavko and responded, "Yes," according to a friend and others in attendance. He has indicated in private other details that we are withholding at his request.  "Do you have to know everything?" he joked to some interested in this. Meanwhile there are conflicting reports about a second seer, Mirjana Soldo. When asked during her annual March 18 apparition if she was showing such joy at certain points because she was seeing the priest (who was close to the seers since the early 1980s, but died suddenly last Thanksgiving weekend), she neither confirmed nor denied it but smiled -- and when asked if her reaction could be communicated, told a close friend yes. There is another report, however, that she strongly denies seeing him. 

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