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We have been writing much of late on apparitions in South America, and now, with a dynamic new Pope from that continent, our interest is spiking.

It's an extraordinary area.

There have been recently approved apparitions in Venezuela and Brazil and Argentina. There's a famous one in Ecuador.

In many cases, there are question marks, and have been for many years.

Earlier this week (6/24/13) we carried an article about a forthcoming movie centering on highly controversial apparitions to a man in Peablanca, Chile.

We have long harbored concerns about the alleged apparitions there.

According to the "Miracle Hunter" website, these apparitions met with a negative verdict [here is its list of their unapproved apparitions; here is another list by the Marian Library at the University of Dayton]. The alleged apparitions lasted until 1988 to seer Miguel Angel Poblete, who died in 2008 (may he rest in the peace of the Lord).

Subsequently, others visiting the site, it seems, had their own revelations.

There certainly were solar phenomena there [photos and video below].

Does solar phenomena necessarily mean something is of God? And stigmata?

The messages (roughly translated) were dramatic.

Says a website dedicated to them: "From the apparitions of the White Lady in Chile 1988, Miguel Angel (the seer -- vision): 'I see a white man with his back covered with blood. I see thousands of men screaming and one enormous red light bursting in the sky. The nature horrifies and prefers to die. There are very clearly-seen signs on the foreheads and on the hands. Anyone who does not have them is going to be dead. But, there are other people who have another sign that is the following Christ, Son, Savior, the great sign of Mount Golgotha ​​where the Lamb was, and a hundred and fifty roses adorning that one sign of light and hope. This sign the angels have given to all those who are inscribed in the Book of Life. The man in white who is dyed by his blood cries out to Heaven, and the earth screams in panic. The children of God are praying under the ground like in the beginning. Anyone who has ears, listens, here I am bringing a revelation."

That revelation went on to claim knowledge of the third Fatima secret eleven years before it was released and asserted that the secret warned of plagues, earthquakes, and damage to nature by Russia and China (none of which is in the secret that was released -- on June 24, 2000 -- by the Vatican). It also foresaw change in climate, an incredible new bomb that would cause destruction in Europe, and a decisive war waged by the Chinese. Like many others -- including previously circulated messages that claimed to be the "secret" -- it said the faithful would be martyred and the Pope would flee Rome. According to Miguel, the plagues would occur before the end of the twentieth century (obviously, a prediction that did not materialize).

Another list of unapproved apparitions describes the bishop's pronouncement (which we have not yet directly secured) as one that "discouraged/condemned" the Chilean claims.

What about another South American one, and in fact in Brazil -- where so much happens of late; where last week 1.5 million protested the government; where the Pope will soon visit Rio for Youth Day?

This time we go to Jacare in So Paulo, Brazil, where on February 7, 1991, a 13-year-old boy named Marcos Tadeu Teixeira began to claim visits from Mary, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, Saint Joseph, angels, and others.

The startling claim here?

That the apparitions would be the last on earth.

There were "urgent" messages.

The first (January 1, 1994): "My children, for a long time already, I've being telling you about the consequences of your sins, currently so serious and horrific. Satan is proclaiming victory in the world, because he sees that there are few who, in prayer, face it. My children, that's why this message so important its about the Holy Rosary. Pray the Holy Rosary, my dear children, every day. Since Lourdes I've reminded you about this in my urgent and desperate appeal... after the Holy Mass, that is the greatest prayer and makes me closer to you... the Rosary has so much power! And that's why it is a second way that unites you to me. When you pray it, Satan is so powerless that he is forced to return to hell -- such is the power of Heaven to crush evil. My children, pray the rosary with me every day."

On January 3 that same year:

"My children, today in this third so serious message of my heart, I come 'distressed,' and to ask you for to pray for the Church...  Pray much for the Pope!... To the bishops and priests, as I see: In the future the faith of the Church will suffer a great concussion... Pray, my children, as many may lose the faith, if they do not get into the fight with the prayer and fasting [to ward off] the temptations and 'strength' of my enemy...  

"As I already said, if the people do not convert and turn back to God, a horrible castigation will soon strike the earth... There is no doubt that it will be worse than the Flood and the castigation of Sodom and Gomorrah...  Pray the Rosary much, my children!... Only the Rosary and the Eucharist can save you now... Pray the Rosary every day!... those who put complete trust in Me, will be saved..."

As in Chile, the messages bore striking -- and perhaps disconcerting -- similarities to what was known as the Neues Europa secret, an alleged version of the third secret that circulated during the early 1960s (and was denounced as untrue by Fatima seer Lucia dos Santos).

Bishop Nelson Westrupp of Santo Andrei in the archdiocese of So Paulo ruled that the supernatural "could not be established," in effect, a negative ruling -- though not  an outright rejection (as would be the case if it was discerned that the apparitions were "established as not supernatural"). They have been going on now for more than twenty years.

A recent message: " "My dear children, today, I, Queen of Peace, messenger and the mother of Fair Love, come again calling you to be gems of love for the Lord. 

"Open your hearts to the true and perfect love of God, so that your souls become precious jewels to the Lord, to please Him and cheer Him so that at the same time the whole world, watching the great beauty and spiritual richness of your souls, can also search this beauty and this spiritual wealth of holiness by following your example and delivering all their hearts to God like you and me by perfect love...

"Amethysts [gems] of true love, living increasingly a continuous and intense prayer, looking at this sweet intimacy with God and me, praying all the prayers that I have specially asked: the Time of Peace, the Hours of Saints, Angels, my spouse St. Joseph, the Hours Prayer of each day, the Third of My Tears Prayer, the Rosary of My Triumph, My Most Holy Rosary meditated upon and also seek every day to open your heart to God and me in deep prayer, the prayer that comes from intense heart, because I do not like the prayers that do not come from the heart, they are shallow and cold. I like the prayer of the heart, because that, yes, pleases God, gives Him joy, contentment, and satisfaction and also I, your Heavenly Mother give great joy, great joy, great joy to you and keep you in her heart like a jewel of estimated value and appreciation... My children, renounce, renounce, this inordinate love of yourselves and the world of creation and the Holy Spirit will come to you giving you a beauty so great, so unique, transforming your soul like a precious jewel that will make the Holy Trinity, the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit Himself very much in glory in you and rejoice in you." 

"In addition to the messages," says a website, "Our Lady promised to trust the seer Marcos Tadeu thirteen secrets. "Until May 2000, Our Lady revealed twelve of thirteen secrets. The secrets refer to events that will reach all mankind. Mark can not ever reveal the contents of secrets without the permission of Our Lady. When asked, Mark only answers that they are good for some and bad for others. Our Lady allowed the seer to know in advance about what will be, but nothing about how it will occur. Our Lady said that the first three secrets are warnings to mankind. The first and second secrets are warnings to mankind in order that he be converted and return to God. The third secret refers to a big sign that the Virgin will give the whole world... however, it is too late for the conversion of many. The sign will be so miraculous, unexplained, and indestructible that even the hardest heart can not resist to believe it came from God. In some places it will be palpable, others not so much. As for the other secrets, a punishment will be coming upon mankind soon after the big sign, if men do not turn to Him. Therefore, mankind has until the emergence of the signal to convert. Those who do not convert to it, no longer will be able to convert, and will face the punishment due to their sins. The worst are the fourth, ninth, tenth and eleventh. Some secrets also refer to good things. The fifth refers only to the life of Marcos Tadeu. Twelve secrets are to be revealed to mankind.  After all the secrets come as predicted, the strength of Satan will be destroyed and will come to the world the triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, as foretold at Fatima. According to the Virgin, less than one third of humanity will be saved, because the sinfulness of the world is very extensive."

For our (cautious) consideration.

A confirmation of Medjugorje (where there were similar indications) or a mimic of it?

They join approved apparitions along the Amazon, in this same country, at Itaparinga and Manaus (the seer, Edson Glauber, continues to receive apparitions and they are streamed live).

Are they a sign? Why so much down there? Do they simply continue the eruption during the 1980s and 1990s (whereby claims of apparitions, many dubious, were profligate in America and Europe)?

If nothing else -- with gay marriage, with an ever-stranger culture -- they mirror the tumult of the societies of men.


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