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The great sign foreseen in 1917 during the famed apparitions at Fatima occurred two decades later, on January 21-22, 1938 -- when an unusual, perhaps unprecedented, display of the northern lights (aurora borealis) was seen from deep Europe to Canada and the Midwest of the United States. It emblazoned the sky like curtains of fire and according to the main seer, Lucia dos Santos (by now a nun), presaged a major conflict -- World War II, which was set in motion soon after. Curious it is that following September 11, 2001, a series of unusual displays of those same luminosities were reported across America -- even in southern California (as well as the South, where such lights are rarely seen). Immediately after came war in Afghanistan and Iraq (wars basically waged against Muslims, or at least Muslim radicals, against Vatican advice). Smaller lights, smaller wars. But war nonetheless.

Now, the northern lights have been coming on strong again -- not as strikingly as in 2001 (yet), and certainly not as spectacularly as in 1938, but in a way that's a blip upward. Is it just a coincidence of solar electromagnetism, or might they prove to be portentous once more?

One can say this: a global conflict threatens, a conflict between Christianity and Islam, and last week, leading up to 9/11, it intensified. While a pastor threatened to burn a Koran in the U.S., thousands of Muslims rioted in opposition in Pakistan. It seems like anything could suddenly set off a tinderbox. One day soon, will there be a world-war-like quality to conflict between the two factions?

Let's pray that doesn't occur. Let us see each other as brothers. But also let us be fair: one reason Christians are finally getting up in arms is that while the world is in horror about a pastor who wants to burn a Koran, Muslims from Indonesia to deep Africa are pillaging Christian churches and torturing or raping Christian women, often Catholics, and even nuns. This goes beyond burning a Koran.

In India too, at Mahatma University, Professor T. J. Joseph, who headed the Department of Malayalam, had submitted an exam questionnaire to his students, but some Muslim students objected to certain of the questions, claiming that they contained words offensive to Muhammad. After he explained that he had no intention of offending, he offered his public apologies to the population, the college, Church authorities (the institution is run by Catholics) and the police department. However, on July 4, he was attacked by activists of the Popular Front of India who chopped off a hand and part of his arm. Where was the outrage here? Yesterday, a Catholic school and two Protestant ones in India were attacked.

A demographic "invasion" is taking place (the population of Muslims may one day soon be a majority in Europe) and with that comes influence. 

That is the root of current anxiety. The infiltration of Islam is sometimes bizarre. Call it "karma" (although we certainly don't believe in karma, as such).  There is that mosque in New York, despite what happened there. And at the memorial site where that plane crashed in Pennsylvania are what some see as Islamic symbols. Our very president has an Islamic-sounding name.

Both John Paul II and Benedict have visited mosques and have asked us to heed the call of love, as we must. Note the name "Fatima." It's a Muslim name. John Paul II once kissed a Koran.

But also be aware that Muslims are on the march demographically, and that while most of them are good, devout people, there are many radicals in their midst -- portending more "northern lights" and perhaps also portending, one day, if things don't change, a cultural "Battle of Lepanto" as they surge into Europe and gain influence in the United States.

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