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We live in emotion-filled, topsy-turvy times, when anger, lust, and impurity reign. How many shout and curse before they think!

Yet: it is our duty to convey the signals from God and like a cell-phone tower, like a router, to radiate His Love.

In that Love is the Truth. There is also purity. Only through purity can we discern what is true and what is not. Each "speck" in the eye (or worse, a plank) diminishes what we can see and makes us react in ways that we should not -- especially when the way we react is tinged with harshness.

This is why the Holy Father began his very pontificate -- so importantly -- with an encyclical on love.

Love washes away evil. It ministers to us. When we die, we will step into who we really are. A clean robe will go with a clean spirit; gray is the color of purgatory. The very atmosphere of Heaven ministers to the spirit after the long hard journey of life. Yet, we can experience some of it even now.

Do you want joy? Ask the Holy Spirit to indicate every single part of your soul that needs cleansing -- and then ask the Spirit to cleanse it!

Afterwards, give thanksgiving and praise. Few things bring the Holy Spirit like gratitude! (Thank you, Jesus. Thank you, Jesus.)

Confession. The Eucharist. At times, we have to pay attention to the darkness around us. That is part of the truth in our world. It is difficult. But we do not have to become immersed in it. We do not have to wing off hostile e-mails. We don't have to spread the poison -- the devil's "love."

It is crucial for us to orient our holiness to what transpires in our thoughts, more than the actions we take or what we form with our mouths.

That can be contrived; we can put on airs; we can fool even ourselves. Outward appearances.

It is interior purity, however -- the innermost chambers -- that God sees. The real you is not what you see in the mirror, or hear with the ear, but what God sees. He sees the spirit. He sees what you truly feel. He sees what you think. He sees what and whom you love or don't love. He evaluates us on our innermost thought lives, and the emotions we allow or dismiss. It is why saints thought it so important to tend, above all else, to the "interior life." 

A person can go through life prim and proper and religious yet harbor dark spots deep in the soul as a result of wrong thinking.

This we can cleanse.

This we must cleanse.

Fasting helps.

Life is a series of trials and every time we make a mistake we have a chance for growth if our main goal is God.

He doesn't mind our mistakes.

What He minds is when, in our pride, or lust, we hold on to those shortcomings or refuse to admit them.

Let it all out. Let out the darkness. Purify. Drain it. Confess, and be done with it. Train the mind to turn away from dark tendencies.

Discipline every thought, and you will find that discipline is a key to happiness.

[resources: The Medjugorje Fast and The God of Miracles]

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[Note: Michael Brown is traveling to Africa starting Friday for research; we appreciate any prayers]

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