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Call On The 'Spirit Of Truth' And Watch  Answers Arrive With Sudden Clarity

By Michael H. Brown

When there is confusion we need one thing: the "Spirit of Truth." The Spirit of Truth is incredible. He directs us. He answers our questions. He solves crises. As never before -- with confusion rampant not only in society, not only in the Church, but in all our lives -- we have never needed Him more. Do you have doubts? Are you trying to settle some issue? Are you trying to find a way out of a situation that seems to have no exit? Invoke the "Spirit of Truth." He is the Holy Spirit and when invoked He comes in a way that clarifies. 

This is a key word: clarity. We can try all we want to straighten or figure something out, we can spend hours agonizing over a decision, we can try endlessly to solve a crisis at work or in our homes, but we are never really able to see through the fog without the Spirit of Truth -- Who brings everything (and everyone) into perspective.

Every day we should invoke the Spirit of Truth under this title. If you do, you'll be surprised at the results. There will be pleasing consequences. Answers will come. You will suddenly see your way out of whatever has been ensnaring you. The Bible tells us that the truth sets us free, and so it is. 

The problem is that most of the time we try to "rationalize" our way out of crises. We try to "think things through." We burn our brains on a problem. Now, rationality is a good thing; don't get me wrong; but when we rely solely on our logic, we often worsen a problem. 

This is to say: without God a crisis becomes more complicated. Fact is piled upon fact, speculation upon speculation, until it's impossible to see past all the variables, all the clouds. How many times have you been in a crisis and hashed it over hundreds of times from every angle only to find yourself at the same or an even worse level of perplexity?

On the other hand, when we call on the "Spirit of Truth," He reduces a complicated situation to simplicity. He clears away obfuscation and smokescreens. That's how we know that He has come: when confusion (so often caused by the devil) lifts and we can see the right decision (like we see when smog leaves after a rain). 

And it can affect not only you but everyone in a confusing situation. If there is a dispute, if there is a misunderstanding, if you are being ill-treated or even slandered, calm yourself and ask for the Spirit to descend on those involved so that everyone will see the truth clearly -- no matter his or her disposition.

Most importantly, ask the Spirit of Truth to let you see yourself as He sees you. This is crucial because when we have the eyes of God, we are better prepared not only for the dilemmas of earth, but for our afterlife. If we could regularly see ourselves as God does, what perfection we would seek!

And how amazed we would be about the reality of our surroundings. When we die and have a clearer view, we'll be astounded at how some things that seemed so important were not really so important, and vice versa. We'll be astonished at how differently God views things.

The trick is to gain some of this perspective while we're still on earth. Come Spirit of Truth. Come Holy Spirit. Let me always view the truth. Let me see as You see! Do you wonder where you should live? Do you wonder if you should change your job, or put your child in a different school, or take a certain trip? Do you wonder who you should hang around or how you should solve a hurt or how you should approach a delicate issue with a friend or spouse or coworker? 

Ask the Spirit of Truth -- and then expect answers. They may arrive in the way of thoughts or words or by events that suddenly clarify. He comes in a special way during the Eucharist. How often have I seen answers arrive after receiving Communion! He rids us of smokescreens. He dispels obfuscation. He solves the unsolvable -- and with enough faith in the Name of Jesus, He can do so in an instant. 

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