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There is an old saying that morals, like classical art, begin with drawing a line.

In our lives -- in our morality -- we must also draw a line. We must set a limit. This takes discipline. We must set a boundary we do not cross when it comes to what we view, what we meditate upon, what we say, and certainly what we do.

This discipline is a key to holiness: discipline not only of actions but also thoughts. It defines a territory. When we adhere to it, the devil can not cross it.

So this is one spiritual lesson.

Often, we get attacked by the enemy without realizing it. Suddenly, we experience a shift in mood. There is sudden heaviness. Or, we see a good day turn into a horrible one because of a verbal exchange. We have an argument. Or someone causes us anxiety. The whole spiritual dynamic around us changes.

When this occurs, it is often because in some way we have allowed the evil spirit entry. And it usually is because we let something "slip." We were not disciplined in some aspect of our lives. We allowed the line to be breached.

In that discipline of thoughts, it is important to consider the phenomenon of resentment.

Frequently we open the door to the devil by wishing less than the best for others. We "curse" them, and the curse -- like every curse -- boomerangs.

This is why it is important to forgive.

When we don't forgive, we are attached -- "bound" -- to the darkness of our thoughts about others.

We are in bondage.

Frustrating, isn't it?

Often, blockages in our lives are caused precisely because we are tied to whatever it is that we have detested (instead of sending the agent of it love).

Resentment is powerful because it directs the forces of negativity that are around us. It is a magnifying glass. You know how a magnifier can focus the light from the sun and cause it to burn a dry leaf or paper or even wood?

Resentment focuses the evil that may be around us and sends it to others.

When others resent us, meanwhile, we come under "attack."

Folks resent each other subconsciously. They do so for many reasons. They may "resent" that a person has married into the family and caused them to change their own lives ("comfort zone"). They may resent that they must now be in association with someone who is not exactly as they are. They may resent that the person makes them feel inferior (even though the person does not intend such). They may resent the discipline of a parent. They may resent the inconsideration of a spouse.

If you are being attacked and especially in the presence of a particular person or people, consider that it may be the "spirit of resentment."

What does resentment mean but a strong passion or emotion of displeasure or antagonism, excited by a real or supposed injury or insult to one's self or others, or by the intent to do such injury.

That antagonism is a curse that directs darkness at us.

Do you often wonder why a certain person makes you feel uncomfortable, or gives you the "willies." This is your spirit talking!

When someone resents you, you can feel it. You may not know who it is coming from, but there is that sudden shift in atmosphere.

We dispel that darkness through discipline.

With discipline, our spirits close to the entry of arrows that flame, ignited by anger.

With discipline, we pray each time we are attacked -- and discern how to halt it.

With discipline, we acknowledge our own error.

With discipline, we love even when we don't want to love.

Discipline is a key to happiness!

Dispense with every grudge. Forgive all. And draw the line

Draw the line over which no one may attack you and  draw the line on the internal mental dialogue that can open you to the enemy -- or, on the other hand, when discipline there is: funnel you to the heights of Heaven!

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