The Spirits Around Us, by Michael H. Brown, a brand new book on the supernatural realities around us -- around every person. Read of current encounters on deathbeds, in hospitals, in everyday life, in 'haunted' settings that finally get a Catholic explanation (as even St. Augustine spoke of their effect, and saints like Padre Pio saw them). Demons, angels, spirits of the deceased, purgatorial souls, often affecting us in unseen, unsuspected ways and dispelled through deep prayer in the Name of Jesus when we know how to do so and approach them with Catholic faith, prayer, and love! CLICK HERE



[adapted from The Spirits Around Us]

When we die, we will see that the supernatural wove in and out of everything and everyone we knew. We’ll be astonished at how many times angels and other spirits were around us and how many times we ran into them without realizing who or what they were. On earth, we operate with blinders. Imagine what Jesus could see! If it seems like there are spirits everywhere, there are.

In our lives on earth, they softly whisper to our intuitions.

When they are heard, it is usually just barely perceptible (so that the test of faith remains and so as not to infringe on free will).

In our time, spirits are especially prevalent. It is a sign of the times. It is portentous.

However one may discern that, we test the spirits by calling on the Lord and Blessed Mother to be our intermediaries.

Praising God causes negative entities to back away – praising God in the Name of Jesus. If there are evil spirits around a person, without protection they can be “sent” to us if the person wishes us wrong (it is known as a “curse”). A series of negative events should open our eyes to the possibility and draw us into prayer.

We sense them more than we “encounter” them. Most of those ways, like most of our interactions with angels, are “just below the radar” of regular consciousness

When we say “spirits,” we usually think in terms of two kinds, demons and angels. Sometimes, we think of saints (hopefully often).

We avoid demons when we purify – when we get rid of anger, pride, jealousy, lust, and hatefulness.

When we do that, they have nothing to which they can “attach.”

Meditate on the manifestations of pride and ego.

What we have inside is projected as a call to light or dark.

Don’t try to discern each spirit – or attribute a spirit to every problem. There are always doubts. It is complicated. More than one spirit may be work – or none at all (just the workings of life).

But know they are around more than most people imagine and may even try to incite your passions in order to draw power from it. They can be like parasites. They may weaken. It is why their presence exhausts. Out of the blue, they may flash a wave of anger and cause you the temptation of fighting with your spouse, then revel in it. They may come with an occult show on TV. They may arrive with pornography. They may come due to unforgiveness. They may draw from illicit sex. They make life seem to have no meaning. They cause malaise.  They will unnerve you with suspicion. They will generate unkind thoughts. They will make you think the worst about a person or cause you to imagine insults. They may make you hear something that was not said. The earthbound do this because misery loves company and they wish to provoke fear or a tantrum while demons know how to do nothing else but cause us distress (it is their only “entertainment”). They will blind you to the workings of God.

We counter all that with purification. And fasting. The Mass reading today (2/20/12) is particularly pertinent. There are some spirits that come out only through prayer and fasting. (Somehow, they have removed the "fasting" from some translations). Lent is the very best, the most powerful, time of year, to purge. Note how Jesus cast them out (by giving them a name, such as "mute spirit").

Through prayer, through Mass, through Confession, through Adoration, through reading the Bible, through fasting, through the Rosary, we can purge all dark elements until we can feel inner cleanliness – purification, which is a shield against invasion. The Holy Spirit will guide you. It is joy. It is to taste the infinite. It is clarity. Once you feel you have cleansed your interior (that there is no longer the predominance of pride or lust or anger, no longer an inclination to criticize, no longer a want for too much of one thing, no longer a feeling toward anyone of antagonism, no longer any feeling whatsoever of gossip or revenge, gaining wisdom not from the world, but from above), then work at purifying your surroundings.

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