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We live at a time when spirits are manifesting -- unusually. It is a time in which the veil is thinning. The good news is that we are seeing more supernatural manifestations than ever. Even the mainstream media -- which used to all but totally ignore spiritual phenomena -- are covering it big-time. There are miracles. There are angels. There are insights into the spiritual realm. Heaven is touching the earth.

That's the good news.

The bad is that Satan is also touching us in a way that is intense. Spirits of good and evil are extremely active. Protection is essential (especially of our young). So is cleansing.

Are there misfortunes in your life? Are there strange tensions? Does anxiety predominate? Is there too much illness? Is there sudden, inexplicable antagonism? 

There are natural explanations for many afflictions and there are also times when the answer is spiritual. We must pray for the cleansing of every member of our families, especially the young.

"Just about every parent I talk to has experienced some if not all of these attacks within their own families, mine included, which is a constant battle," said a reader who cited the harassment of children before Sunday Mass.

Evil comes at us many ways. It comes from those who are jealous. It comes from anger. It comes from misunderstandings. It comes from resentment. Otherwise good people can be a conduit for it. All it takes is a little "crack" in the wall -- a fissure or "streak" -- for the smoke to enter.

Like wood, we are only as strong as the weakest point.

When there is a streak of jealousy or hostility it can erupt into total collapse.

Sometimes, spirits afflict folks with runs of bad "luck" that are incredible.

"I wonder at times if my family and I have been cursed, since we've had a horrendous string of misfortunes," wrote a woman who has been in touch with us for years. "Here are some of the things that have happened in under four years:

"I was hospitalized with pneumonia two weeks ago and can't get well. The week before that, we were burglarized and lost over $7,000 worth of goods. Several months before that, our family car was destroyed in a freak accident while sitting in a parking space when another car went airborne and plowed into it.

"Both of our daughters' cars have been badly damaged by deer running into them.

"One daughter was seriously injured by being hit by another driver.

"A few months before that, our family business was nearly destroyed by a chain store moving in across the street and our income was greatly reduced.

"My husband was diagnosed with emphysema. He also has had several heart attacks which permanently and seriously damaged his heart. Our vacation home burned to the ground after being hit by lightning. One of our daughters became addicted to drugs. I was diagnosed with a brain tumor.

"I go to Mass and Confession," she continued, "and try to follow our Catholic faith, and I've been active in converting others.

"But I just feel like I must be doing something terribly wrong for all of these things to have happened to us in the last three-and-a-half years. I just don't know what. This string of problems is starting to affect my faith. Please help!"

Start out by asking the Holy Spirit to guide you. Petition Him in this. Wait until you feel His peace. Then petition Him to send you the Spirit of Truth. Ask specifically for the Spirit of Truth. Root causes will be revealed to you. Pray until you feel a great love for God. Do this especially during Communion. Love is your shield and illumination.

It is the Light toward which you must head.

Once you feel you have done that enough, begin allowing your thoughts during the Rosary or Eucharist or Adoration to cast out whatever spirits come to mind. Be specific: spirit of infirmity, spirit of anger, spirit of anxiety, or even spirit of lung disorders, spirits of coronary disturbance. Pray about each one casting each out until you feel a sense of power and peace. Ask the Holy Spirit how the controlling spirit was allowed such jurisdiction (there may be some hidden, or generational, spirit), and break any such curses and bondages by simply and powerfully declaring that you break such in the Name of Jesus!

Do this very strongly and powerfully several times a day, while using Holy Water and going to Mass, and it will work wonders (in God's time). Especially, fast each week. Use Holy Water on every member of the family every morning and evening. Evil will leave -- if you persist.

Invoke the aid of St. Joseph (scourge of evil). Command away the spirits of harassment, infirmity, anxiety, confusion, antagonism, jealousy, or whatever afflicts you. There is power in specificity. Remember what can bind you -- making you prone to evil: lust, anger, and attachment to the material.

Clean your house -- however great or small the affliction.

And then seal yourself (cement that weak point) against it.

"We are instructed in Matthew 12:43-45  that when the home is 'empty, swept clean, and put in order,' the evil spirit 'goes and brings back with itself seven other spirits more evil than itself' and 'the last condition of that person is worse than the first,'" a viewer reminds us. "We understand this to indicate the need after 'cleaning house' to call upon the Holy Spirit to fill all those voids; that is to fill the person completely with the Holy Spirit."

Surround -- fill -- yourself with Christ. That means Scripture. On your lips, the Name Jesus.

Many times in life, we have problems with a spiritual root that we don't recognize. This leads to everything from little anxieties to traumatic ailments. It leads to divorce. It leads to misfortunes large and small.

However it comes, shake it off and gravitate to Jesus. This bring us -- and everything that haunts us -- into the Light. Train your eyes on Him, not your problems. Move straight forward. Never step in reverse!

Don't focus on what evil has done but how it is undone.

Head for His Light and the shadow of your burdens will fall behind you.

[resources: spiritual warfare books, especially, Deliverance from Evil Spirits]

Written by Michael H. Brown, author of Prayer of the Warrior

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