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By Michael H. Brown

In a little-known speech, President Abraham Lincoln, in 1865, said something very startling, something our secular historians and almost everyone else has ignored. In that speech, this president, widely perceived to be among our greatest, if not the greatest, described the Civil War not just as a societal conflict, but as a chastisement from God. "The Almighty has His own purposes," said Lincoln -- who went on to say that the "scourge" of war between the North and South had been caused by slavery! It was what he described as "the woe due to those by whom the offense came."

Now, in the same country, we face a similar scourge, in large part due to our turn to abortion and irreligion. If we can suppose that the Civil War was a chastisement for slavery, how much greater might be the chastisement for a country that tolerates not just the enslavement but the destruction of 1.3 million innocents per year?

Indeed, the result will once more be a country torn asunder. This century will see the United States devolve as occurred during the Civil War if we don't turn back to God. There will be regions instead of one nation. There will be enclaves. There will be the Southwest and the North and the Midwest. It's too early to tell how lines of division may fall in place for the South. But we can say that the United States of America will turn into the United Federation. It is not hard to see this nation split into three or four regions that begin to move in separate directions. A wide swath from Southern California to Texas may begin to move in its own direction while the North and Midwest turn into those areas of enclaves.

A nation with so many nationalities and so many foreigners can find unification only through God. Currently there are voices of concern that illegal immigrants may reach such numbers as to revert loyalty to Mexico and not the U.S. within America's own borders. No nation that strays from God will maintain the moxie of unification, and in the United States those who profess Christianity have dropped to 77 percent, with many of those who do profess hardly practicing what they say they believe in a society that has gone almost totally secular.

We have carried prophecies from those who have had "near-death" experiences. One consistency among them has been a warning that the U.S. will see not just a break-up but a breakdown -- a dismantling of its economy -- unless it comes back to God (and more specifically, to Jesus). The day will come, they warn (and we'll explore more of this in a future article), when our infrastructure will collapse and we will fight each other over food and gasoline.

Forget the current trends in the stock market. Forget the immediate economy. In the larger picture is a nation that is straining at the seams, one that must realize in earnest that what occurred on September 11 was not just an act of terrorism but also a warning of how fast things that are big can crumble. 

So bear this as a prophecy: if America continues on its current track, it will see itself turned into three or four smaller nations in the next century or two -- perhaps more quickly than we think -- and will be under the yoke of world governance. No nation that tolerates abortion and obscene art and blasphemy -- that exports pornography as an evil in the same way that Russia once exported the evil of Communism -- can last. It will come apart at the seams, not just through terrorism and societal strife but also natural disasters. On the other hand, a strong Christianity will unite this nation. It will be what we all -- as God's children -- have in common. Indeed, the influx of Spanish Catholics may turn out to be America's salvation. The Mexicans who are migrating into this land -- and who are the ones many fear will cause the southern split -- are by and large Catholics with an affinity for Christ and His Blessed Mother.

If we have the same affinity -- and only if we have the same affinity -- will the country remain as one. 

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