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Often, when "weeping" statues are reported, the supposed phenomena are accompanied by other seemingly supernatural occurrences, including visions, locutions, "prophecy," and dreams.

And when that occurs -- when there are "messages" attached to physical phenomena -- it tends to lend credibility in the minds of those following the events.

Caution is in order. For the evil one can cause physical phenomena, as well as locutions. He is clever. Usually he does so in a way that conforms with doctrine. Why would negative spirits pretend they are manifesting holy phenomena? One reason: simply to gain proximity to good folks, even attaching to them (and causing problems, perhaps illness).

And so one should exercise prudence at the same time that we are open, fasting before considering such events, one of which comes to us from Patricia Cotner in Michigan.

"I am in  a suburb of Detroit," Patricia wrote us recently. "One day at Mass, at Manresa Retreat house, the priest told us we have a modern day miracle going on in our area. He explained that a Chaldean woman is receiving messages from the Blessed Virgin Mary and she has a picture of the Blessed Mother that is weeping oil. (Chaldeans are Catholics from Iraq.) He blessed us with the oil. A month went by and I was able to visit the woman and her home. She asked me what I do for a living and I told her I am a teacher. She was looking for someone to tutor her son so I have been doing this for about four months.

"The woman is married and has children. She has had a hard life and many sufferings.

"Her husband was ill for a while, they lost their home, he lost his job, etcetera. 

"One day a picture of Our Lady of the Cape that was framed but has no glass on the picture began to weep oil. This is literally a picture from a magazine, a thin piece of paper. It has been oozing oil since August of 2008. 

"A retired Chaldean priest gave her a Cross to bless the area and make an altar. The Cross started to weep oil. Someone gave her a statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary holding the baby Jesus. It too began [to exude], as well as the picture of Christ, a statue of St. Joseph, the head of Christ, and as of two days ago, the Baby Jesus.

"It is a miracle to say the least. She bottles the oil in little perfume vials and she gives them to anyone who comes and sees. The priest translates the messages from Chaldean to Arabic and then a deacon from Transfiguration Parish translates them into English. They are the guardian of the messages and will hold them until the Blessed Virgin Mary tells her what to do with them. 

"The message is of course to pray and to prepare our souls and to turn to her Son as well as to accept our crosses. She has also said  things about the world and the events that will happen. It is the same as other seers. Pray, repent, and natural disasters will happen because of mankind's ways.

"The woman who is having these messages and oil  works many hours outside her home and then comes home and opens her home for people to see. (She takes no money...)

"I was there yesterday tutoring her son. The little boy told me that on Sundays the oil smells like roses."

Perhaps, soon, we will have the messages, for your evaluation.

Stay tuned.

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