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Will it bring a reprieve? Or will it one day go down as the straw that broke the back of moral conduct, leading to greater chastisement?

We have often mentioned the "1990 prophecy" that seemed to warn about a new evil -- a reproductive immorality (comparable to abortion, but not abortion) that was on the horizon and would present humans with a crucial new test.

That "evil" seemed in the way of genetic manipulation, especially cloning, and especially stem cells from human embryos -- which must be cloned to provide the kind of mass production envisioned by those who see endless medical application for cells that can grow new cells, tissues, and organs for those afflicted. The prophecy -- given anonymously in December of 1990 -- said the evil would appear to have "beneficial" effects.

Back at the very beginning of his term, in a careful compromise, President George W. Bush allowed tax dollars to support studies on a small number of existing lines (colonies) of cells already been derived from embryos, though he barred creation of new lines (which would mean killing embryos). Still, it meant that a provision renewed by Congress every year since 1996, banning research in which embryos were destroyed, no longer stood as an absolute barrier to the stem cell work. It barred such research on stem lines after August 9, 2001 (the date of his new policy), but not before.

The decision was a mistake. A small window thus opened. And as we have pointed out, one of the main stories on the front-page of newspapers September 11, 2001 -- including The New York Times, written the day before, but appearing on this date -- was that scientists saw this "crack" -- this compromise -- as the opening it was and were now clamoring for more stem-cells lines.

We all know what occurred on that same date -- now better known as 9/11 -- just miles down from The Times' building.

Mr. Obama’s new executive order will open the door wider, but not as wide as Congress would if it were to remove its legislative restrictions. It allows research into lines created after 2001 (broadening federal funding for this research but not allowing the money to be used for actual embryo destruction).

Because embryonic stem cells are capable of developing into any type of cell or tissue in the body, many scientists believe they hold the possibility for treatments and cures for ailments as varied as diabetes, Parkinson's, and heart disease, The Times now points out.

This week, President Barack Obama nixed certain restrictions on federal funds, bringing it a step further along. However, the new president added that he opposed human cloning, which many took to mean cloning for the creation of new embryos for stem-cell research.

Will that give us breathing room -- that there will not immediately be destruction with federal funds nor cloning -- or will it be seen as another step away from the Lord and bring something similar to what was predicted in 1990 as coming chastisement (the forerunner of which have been events like 9/11)?

Time will tell.

The bottom line: there is new momentum in the direction of embryonic destruction and after that, cloning. Although the new president does not endorse cloning to create such embryos, human embryos left over from fertilization clinics can continue to be used -- opening up the possibility of embryo farms. Moreover, while he says he opposes reproductive cloning, President Obama does not explicitly say he opposes therapeutic cloning (as needed to create new embryos).

There are many smokescreens in compromise. The devil is in the details.

Here's the bottom line: more money will flow in the direction of research that ultimately relies on the destruction of human embryos.

More than previously, the U.S. now officially sanctions the destruction of human life at its most incipient stage, in the name of science, which has become God's chief nemesis -- oblivious to the spiritual dimension and thus oblivious to the repercussions of what it does.

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