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A few weeks back we mentioned a new book discussing the purging of family lineages -- a new, non-denominational Christian look at spiritual warfare (Purging Your House, Pruning Your Family Tree).

There were a number of curiosities in it. One was that it addressed the issue of three a.m. -- the many Christians (as it turns out, not just Catholics) who say they seem to wake up precisely at that hour, which the author, Perry Stone, relates to one of the "watches" of the night. Unable to fall back asleep, they pray or often experience what they interpret as something supernatural. It is a good hour for the Rosary, the Divine Mercy chaplets, or the prayer to the Archangel Michael (often, it is only prayer that allows us to lapse back into slumber).

Stone -- whose book is a leading Christian bestseller -- also posits that there may be a spiritual aspect to another mystery of the night: the full moon.

Fact -- or fantasy? We all recall this from werewolf legends. We all have seen old horror movies that show the lunar orb rising through a veil of fog. Is there really any attachment of heavenly bodies to spiritual aspects? Is there an underlying supernatural truth behind this legend as well? Or is it simply Lon Chaney territory? One has to be cautious in that occultists worship the moon. (Perhaps this adds to the strangeness.) When we think of spirituality and the moon, it might best be as a crescent under her feet ("And there appeared a great wonder in Heaven: a woman clothed with the sun, and the moon under her feet, and on her head a crown of twelve stars," Apocaypse, XII, I).

Stone argues that riled and sometimes even violent behavior bursts forth when the moon is big and round. We'll let him state his case:

"There is a theory that the full moon often brings out the worst in people, including violence, crime, arguments, accidents, and so forth," he writes. "It has been called the lunar effect, or the Transylvania effect. There is definitely more activity in mental hospitals and in the birthing process during a full and a new moon. The theory is that the gravitational pull of the full moon has an effect on the amniotic fluid in the same manner as it affects the tides in the sea. A report by the Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association stated that injuries and illness among pets seem to be 23 percent higher for cats and 28 percent higher for dogs during or near a new moon. From a natural perspective, there may be an answer as to why there is more mental pressure during the full and new moon. During both cycles, the earth, moon, and sun are lined up, resulting in higher tides than usual."

That, however, may not explain the spiritual effects.

For example, says Stone: "Each month during the new moon, missionaries have noted that literally thousands of people in India experience demonic manifestations, including violent shaking, levitating, and other physical, visible marks that identify demonic oppression or possession."

What is the [allegedly] strange connection to the new moon and such activity in the spirit world (if we believe this)? Might it be connected in some way to the way various spirits function at the various levels of the "heavens"? And as for the Indian people: can we all say a prayer for them today -- and anyone else prone to spiritual disorder?

"I am convinced that something unseen but very real must take place during the time of the new moon," claims Stone. "Whatever it is that takes place, God Himself was aware of it, and He placed special new moon sacrifices. Most nations in the ancient world based their calendars on the cycles of the sun. However, God required Israel to organize their calendar and feast days on the cycle of the moon. The rabbinical reason for God choosing the moon was that all other nations tended to worship the Creation, and there were many sun worshipers on the earth."

Indeed, in times of old, a person who was experiencing epilepsy was called moonstruck. In India, during the full moon, there are eruptions, he says, of seizures. "Lord, have mercy on my son, for he is lunatick, and sore vexed," says Matthew 17:15.


If we believe this is true, we also know there is a cure.

It is prayer.

It is the Rosary.

It is blessing a house (and family lineage).

It is also this little prayer Stone offers:

"Father, keep our family from harm, danger, and disabling accidents. I approach the Heavenly Throne through the Blood of Christ and ask for protection in Christ's Name through the authority that is in the Blood of Christ."

To this we can add, amen. This, at least, is not superstition.

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