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One thing can be said about the spiritual "walk" (as some call it): it's not boring. Not remotely. It engulfs high points of everything out there.

Oft-times, that means things that are bizarre.

Take those reports of strange sounds around the world.

What are they? A hoax (this has to be the main consideration)?

It is too easy, in the digital age, to phony up videos, not to mention digital photographs.

A sign? Even a spiritual noise? A reverberation of something occurring deep within the earth?

Seer Maria Esperanza, now up for veneration (and perhaps eventual sainthood), once said the earth's core is "out of balance" and would have future effects.

In the "1990 prophecy," there was the forecast, before or during major events, of "strange loud rumblings" that would occur.

Although there are many cases of unexplained subterranean rumblings, the latest spate of internet mesmerism seems more like an artificial hum -- as one e-mailer pointed out, similar to the sounds that opened the movie Star Wars. They can be nearly like a cymbal or gong (with echoing). Let us know if you have encountered anything like this.

It's like a vibration. Ukraine. Canada. Hungary. The U.S. (Tennessee, California). The Czech Republic. Costa Rica. Most recently, Russia, where the sounds supposedly were recorded near a sinkhole. Says one fringe blog: "Ominous booms thunder across the sky. These 'skyquakes' are abruptly erupting all over the world. Hundreds of thousands wonder in fear about the bizarre hums, explosive booms, and howling moans. From Russia, to Australia, from Chile to the Eastern Coast of the U.S., the sky is exploding. As the frequency and intensity increase people are asking: 'Is Doomsday approaching?' Some researchers fear that may be exactly what's coming."

Claimed a blog commentator: "I had heard about the 'strange sounds' occurring around the world and watched the videos on Youtube. I thought the supposed sounds seemed like recordings from a sci-fi movie and they were most likely a hoax... up until I heard them myself today. It started around 2 p.m., or shortly after, and lasted for about five to seven minutes before I thought to get my camera and record it. They are the same sounds being heard around the world; I would describe it as a large animal growling but then it sounds oddly metallic as well, like a creaky machine moving. If anyone has any explanations that would be fantastic. Also, it was a super quiet day, there was no construction going on in the area. I know what a train, plane, truck, and bus sound like, and this was not it. The birds started going crazy towards the end too."

Frankly, we don't advise getting too immersed in them. There is a nearly sinister resonance (however they were created). And when we hover upon something dark, it can transmit a feeling. Could it be the echo of distant trucks from inverted cloud covers -- meteorological conditions? At the far fringes are those who speak of secret underground tunnels. Or aliens (whatever "aliens" are). There is a feeling to it as if something hellish is being released. As for the most sinister -- the sinkhole:

"In the original video, there is not sound!" notes a perceptive blogger. "It's only a sinkhole, and people are just looking down it. The story also reveals a woman was pushed down by her husband and then retrieved by rescuers...nothing special down there."

In other words: fabrication. Superimposed. It's not hard to do. But they do sound ominous. Money is made through high-view videos on Youtube (anyone can post one). Some are suspiciously similar. Others are not so easy to explain (and especially the rumblings, which are not what is being featured on Youtube, and which have engaged law enforcement and other investigators including scientists and reporters in dozens of cities during the past decade, uncaught by tape).

Real or fake, natural or man-made, harmless or sinister (whether or not something has a spiritual implication), it all points up the strange complexity of our times.

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