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From the mailbag: Strange Lightning in Maryland

Dear Spirit Daily:

Peace of Our Risen Lord! I am one of the few fortunate ones here in Maryland with power. I wanted to mention something to you that was quite unusual the other night during Hurricane Isabel. It was between 10:00 and 11:00 PM here in southern Maryland and we were just really getting the brunt of the hurricane. My husband and I were looking out the window when we both saw what looked like an aqua blue light in our back yard. It looked as if a helicopter was shining a blue search light on our property. But of coarse nothing was flying. We saw the same phenomena along with our daughter, two more times each more brilliant than the next and in different locations. There was no explosion as would be the case with a transformer going, nor was there the sound of thunder. There were no streaks of light and no sudden flashes; it was more like a beautiful turquoise illumination. As we saw this occurring we heard reports from our battery operated TV, that there were reports of lightning but it was not showing on the radar. They described it as a green color resulting from what they called "cloud to cloud lightening." We agree with one reporter who said he'd never seen anything like it. And I do admit we were reminded of Our Lady as we had just finished our family Rosary!

Love in the Sacred Hearts,
fer D'Aquila, Waldorf 

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