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Mysteries abound in our time. Some are artifacts of the internet. Blogging makes it easy to dress up speculation as real news.

But it also has expanded our awareness of matters that for decades have been ignored, and that are very strange.

There is supposedly the mystery hole in the hills of eastern Washington near Ellensburg that some believe is bottomless and has supernatural powers. The hole is the stuff of lore -- undocumented and unseen since it was the subject of a fringe radio show, Coast to Coast. Occult watch: it was a Native American shaman who most recently brought attention to it, and claims he has seen alien craft hover over it. Others say dogs won't go near it. There are claims of everything from a man throwing thousands of feet of line down (never touching water with a roll of Lifesavers he had placed at the end, which, if wet, would have dissolved) to the existence of a secret small government base (which is covered and surrounded by a three-foot-high wall and covered with a white metal box so it is not detected by satellites). The guy with the line claimed  it went down in excess of fifteen miles, which he figured out by spooling out eighteen reels of twenty-pound test fishing line, tied end on end, into the hole. Meanwhile there was also the claim that dead animals thrown into the pit would turn up later alive. 

A sign? An urban myth? How about just an old well? A strange thing. We'll leave it at that.

It brings to mind those strange noises -- rumblings, hums, perhaps atmospheric, perhaps subterranean -- that folks claim to hear, though this too goes unexplained and for now into the realm of lore (though in this case documented around the world on cell phones and making local news).

There are the photographs. At the bottom, when you're finished reading this story, see how gorgeous the sun is through a window with a religious icon of Mary tacked to it. And to the right, a photo of the sun in the Florida Keys taken in February by a priest named Father Ron Sciera who says he has never seen anything quite like it before. Says another priest, Father Julio Rivero, who sent it to us: "On 1/26/2012, the Lord told us: 'The time is near, quickly approaching. Are you responding fully, My little ones? Are you ready, for the great and terrible day is upon you? You are My people. I have been forming you for the battle that draws near. Are you ready My family? Heaven watches with anticipation for soon the eyes of many will contemplate My glorious Cross upon the sky. Raise up My hidden martyrs of love for the decisive battle that draws near. Call forth My victims of love, for it is they that are the passage for the Queen of Heaven to usher in the new Pentecost for the world.'"

There are so many unusual photographs of the sky and clouds and sun that sometimes one wonders if beyond digital artifacts it is being hinted that something is coming that will involve solar radiation. Wednesday night, an emission from the sun was released, and soon we'll know if it will have any earthly effects (it can take days). Whatever the case, there is increasing speculation that an event of some kind will involve the solar orb, which from time to time -- in a way that is largely unpredictable -- emits huge flares that can send electromagnetic and other forces to the earth, potentially capable of disabling our grid of electricity, satellites, and virtually all means of mass communication. A prominence flare can reach up from the sun for thousands of miles -- in height ten times the diameter of the earth. Experts for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration at the space weather station in Colorado once told us it is indeed a possibility that a solar flare or coronal mass ejection could trip the electrical grid across our entire continent, and in 1989 an emission in fact disrupted a large such grid in Quebec, leaving six million without electricity. Back more than a century earlier, what is known as the "Carrington Event" occurred, a solar flare and mass coronal ejection that sped to the earth in less than a day (it would usually take three or four) and energized ground currents to the point of even shocking some telegraph operators and causing fires. During that release, auroras -- usually confined near the poles -- were seen as far south as Hawaii, Cuba, and Mexico. That was in September, and ironically it was a month later that the Blessed Mother appeared in Champion, Wisconsin, where she predicted a coming punishment that apparently struck twelve years later in a series of extraordinary wildfire the origins of which have never been definitively explained.

Might we one day see an event greater than the Carrington Event? Here we get back to strangeness: a series of clairvoyants or "remote viewers" consulting the government (which believe it or not has had quiet Defense programs focused on ESP and other psychic "talents") say they have "seen" a huge such effect or "kill shot" coming, one that will change the world as we know it.

How much is prescience? How much is occult? How much is fear-mongering?

A mainstream science publication called Wired reports that the earth "has a roughly twelve percent chance of experiencing an enormous megaflare erupting from the sun in the next decade," which could "potentially cause trillions of dollars’ worth of damage and take up to a decade to recover from," according to space physicist Pete Riley, senior scientist at Predictive Science in San Diego, California, who published the estimate in Space Weather on Feb. 23. The potential dangers might be significantly less, notes a federal expert, since power companies are aware of such problems and can take action to mitigate them. Still, we wouldn't know the full strength of the storm until just before it hits.

Might a future event involving the sun be a reason for the strange atmospheric sounds and countless reports of those sun miracles -- from Fatima to sites like Betania in Venezuela and Medjugorje in Bosnia-Hercegovina and many other places in between (for our discernment) as well as a sign of Grace? At Fatima, it looked like the sun was falling toward the earth. (Of course, that could also represent a warhead). The Great Sign foreseen at Fatima ended u being an extraordinary display of the northern lights in 1938 that was caused by a large sunspot and disrupted even newswires (a sign, said seer Lucia dos Santos, that a great war was about to begin, which occurred shortly after).

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[Feedback from a viewer in the Philippines: "Those 'metallic rumbling noises' heard all over reminds one of the 'metallic rumbling noises' heard by Ebenezer Scrooge in Charles Dickens' 'A Christmas Carol.'

"The Earth is the only known area in the cosmos that sustains life and civilization therefore asteroids, comets and some meteors are "forbidden" by its Creator to come anywhere near it. Everywhere else in the cosmos impacts from foreign objects are considered 'normal' and modern technology has allowed us to see actual pictures of such impacts. Recently our planet has been buffeted by earthquakes, tsunamis, hurricanes and tornadoes of a greater magnitude and intensity. Is the 'veil of protection' slowly being lifted? Will the Creator allow what He loves the most come to a catastrophic end? Maybe not. We must remain focused on Him alone; pray, pray, pray and trust in His infinite mercy."

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