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Are you stressed? Most of us go through this. Did you ever ask yourself why?

Might there be a hidden source of resistance?

If so, what is the resistance?

To resist is to stop, to press against, to hinder.

Stress is often a sign that something is resisting us and we must ask: Why is there a force trying to prevent us? Why are there stumbling blocks? Why is there a feeling of "going against the wind"? Is it because we are trying to do something good (and the devil is resisting us), or because we are trying to do something that's not designed for us?

Ask yourself honestly.

Better yet, ask the Infant.

Only Christ -- through His Holy Spirit -- can give you the whole picture. This Christmas, let the Light of the Infant search your "secret places" and look for resistance that may be hindering you -- and causing you stress.

A secret place is a spot we go where no one sees.

It is in our minds.

It's our emotions.

And it is where problems that plague us often have their root -- without our knowing it! In fact, many of us don't even know all the "secret places" that exist in our lives!

We know there is a secret place -- or problems somewhere -- when there is unusual tension.

Something in your spirit is resisting what you are doing or want to do, or forces outside are resisting your efforts.

Often, stress is a sign that we are overextended and it is the spirit telling us this through resistance. It is bucking against the imbalance. It is the spirit telling us something hidden. When we push ourselves into a situation to which we're not suited, there is similar resistance -- one thing pressing against another (or it is the evil one, with his hiss, which we hear in the word "stress").

This holiday, go to the manger in the silence of deep prayer and take an inventory of your "pressure points." List them. Flush them out. You may be surprised at what is revealed to you as you pray!

The Rosary, the Eucharist. There is the revelation of the manger. We are with Mary, Joseph, and Jesus.

Are you tense? When does it occur?  How often? How does it occur? Around whom? In what circumstances? What might your inner spirit -- your hidden self -- be indicating?

Make a list and check it twice and if it is overworking, work less. If it is overeating, cast out the "spirit of gluttony." If it is overdrinking, admit it (call it "alcoholism," if it's alcoholism). Cast it out in that -- or whatever -- name. There is remarkable power in naming it.

That may be all it takes to remove it and it's important because when we press one object too hard against another -- when we tighten a bolt too much, when we stretch cloth, when we force things -- there is a breach. Something breaks. There is tension that can cause breakage and the same is true when we constantly buck up against forces that may be there to tell us we are seeking the wrong thing or that we are doing something that is not in the timing of God.

In the twinkling of Christmas is revelation and this Christmas make it a revelation of yourself in such a way that stress is replaced by the peace He sought to bring.

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