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Years ago, approaching three decades in the past, the well-known atheist convert, Dr. Howard Storm, who had a reputed near-death experience during which he was on his way to hell, before being rescued by Christ, and several angels, said he was given a number of prophecies by those angels, not only about his own life (which had been one of harsh, ungodly indifference) but about the United States of America.

Perhaps you've seen him on some of the national shows, including Today, 48 Hours, Discovery, or Oprah Winfrey. We did a retreat with him years ago in New Orleans. (The late Archbishop Philip Hannan, of New Orleans, opened the day with prayer and later released a video about Dr. Storm; see here).

Dr. Storm's near-death experience is not our focus right now.

The prophecies are.

In particular an alleged prophecy, by one of the angels, that if the U.S. did not spread its blessings in a more equitable way -- if it did not stop hoarding money, and if it did not begin to reach out far more to the impoverished, focusing on helping third-world nations transition into more progressive ones (especially in the way of water sanitation and hygiene) -- the U.S. itself would be reduced to a "third-world nation" and another nation or set of nations would be raised to take its place in doing what was planned for it: spreading the goodness and Gospel of Jesus.

This dramatically reduced status, he asserted (for discernment only) would be due to natural disasters, economic distress, and civil chaos, with people killing each other in North America "over a cup of gasoline" (as Dr. Storm, now Reverend Storm, put it), as the world watched our demise with indifference.

Such things are beyond our ready appraisement. We can only consider it, and comment that besides the fighting over gasoline (which already has been witnessed at gas stations in the aftermath of hurricanes such as  "Katrina" -- there in New Orleans), we are perhaps watching the transformation into third-world status as illegals, including distraught young (in need of our urgent prayers), stream over the borders and as government spending continues in a way that is not sustainable (re: pensions, Social Security, and Medicare for a tsunami of retiring baby-boomers).

"Either we’re going to enforce our laws and remain strong, economically or otherwise, or we ignore the rule of law and go to being a Third World country," Representative Louie Gohmert, a Republican, told Fox News last week.

There it was: the term "third world."

Look at the debasement of our culture. "[Philadelphia] Mayor Nutter is promising a full review of Friday night’s 'Welcome America' concert on the Benjamin Franklin Parkway, after nearly all the musicians filled their performances with expletives," says a report. Or, check out the marijuana in Colorado and Washington.

Our nation is being reshaped. It is changing. A "revolution" is occurring. The third world is coming to us.

So, in a way (for now, psychologically, and politically, with current divisiveness), is a civil war.

There is the strain of trying to help fellow humans (which we most certainly should; it is a requirement of all Christians) while also upholding the integrity and law of the land (however much integrity is left).

Is it merely a political situation?

Or might there be an underlying mystical component?

Forget the commentators.

Take it to prayer.

Will America one day be a nation of enclaves?

Will it split into a number of smaller republics?

Or will it recover its Christianity, which for two centuries bonded it together?

It is an interesting contemplation in this summer that, as back in 1979, is one of soul-searching; discord; natural disturbances (they also perhaps harbingers? Note the name Storm); and curious malaise.


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