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The peculiarities roll on. We can't fail to log them (even when it seems like "Groundhog Day"). In Brazil the towering statue of Christ the Redeemer is pictured for a second time in a short period surrounded by lightning -- now lightning that has broken one of the statue's fingers, actually the thumb. Last month (December 2013), a similar strike chipped the statue's third digit on the same hand. "They say lightning does not strike the same spot twice," noted Father Omar Raposo, who manages the shrine. "But with the Christ [statue] it does. This despite a lightning rod. (It caused us to recall a prophecy, wherein it was stated that "God's Hand will be evident in South America."). Is there significance to a hand? Meantime, two days after we noted an article about a seismic fault in West Hollywood -- a fault that could cause massive destruction -- a temblor stuck just miles away: on the anniversary another, devastating 1994 quake in Northridge (that brought down an estimated eighty percent, praise God, of the nation's hardcore video production). This time the epicenter was Universal City. In that same state, the same week, the governor announced that all of California is in a "drought emergency," with pleas for residents to reduce water consumption amid concerns that the supplies will actually dry up. Sometimes, we forget how many varied kinds of slow, grinding chastisements can occur ("These chastisements will differ according to regions, and like the great evil, will not always or usually be immediately noticeable for what they are," claimed the aforementioned alleged prophecy. "In the period also will be a warning that involves not fire from the sky but fear of fire from the sky, and strange loud rumblings.") Once more, wildfires are erupting on the West Coast, while in Australia the major tennis tournament had to be postponed as temperatures soared to 115 degree Fahrenheit. At the same time, a second influx of Arctic air was headed for the Midwest and eastern states, promising more and perhaps an extended period of colder-than-normal temperatures for a giant swatch of the United States and Canada, which already has seen a "polar vortex." A high of eight in Chicago? Solar experts are puzzling, as we have previously reported, over why the sun seems suddenly to have gone "silent." There are virtually no solar flares. Yet there are northern lights. While we look for trends, the trend is unusualness. Tornadoes were less numerous than "usual" last year, but especially devastating and newsworthy when they hit. No one will be able to predict precise events. Some will come out of nowhere. Expect this for the next ten to twenty years, with more than a few surprises and intensifications. There was a loud "boom" near Syracuse, New York, that some associated with a light in the sky. Meteors seem increasingly common, witnessed across New England, along with those subterranean sounds (which in some cases may be caused by freezing earth, but in other instances occur in warmer periods or seem to come from above; the earth groans; the sky echoes) at the same time -- when it comes to the unusual -- that we note bizarre societal news: the female mayor of Houston marries another woman, a New York congressman marries a man, a "devil baby" is set up as an elaborate hoax in Manhattan, and Rosemary's Baby -- one of the most demonic movies of all-time -- is reportedly set for television serialization. Whether in society, seismology, the skies, or the weather, we are seeing swerves that constitute an intensifying period of gyrations.

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[Photo upper left from and right from ABC News; the photo at the top if from BBC]

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