Can the election forestall chastisement?

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y Michael H. Brown    

       I have a simple take on the election. If we put people who oppose abortion into office, the purification will finally begin. God will forgive the transgressions of the past decade -- the fall into societal filth -- and begin breaking down the evil. He will soften some of the punishments but will progress with a long-prophesied chastisement. This will work for our good and will bring us closer to Him. 

       If, on the other hand, we elect a people who support abortion -- as well as sodomy and the entire range of other transgressions we have seen in the past eight years -- we will see the country continue to "prosper" for a while longer, we'll see yet more materialism, we'll see more extravagance (the devil grants all the kingdoms of the world for those who follow his will), but when the events come they will do so with less warning and will be less redemptive and will be more severe.

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