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The Spirit is moving among Christians to realize that our meddling with what God created has caused great hazards and that as a result we are seeing various "epidemics." While waiting for a great disaster as chastisement, we miss the chastisement occurring around us (for example, in the way of cancer).

Some chastisements, we create with our own hands.

This is easy to note when we stop to take note of all the unnatural, artificial components to which modern humans now expose themselves: heavy metals, vaccines, hormones, genetically-altered food, medications, preservatives, artificial sweeteners, dyes, other toxic chemicals, and now, especially, electromagnetic radiation.

The last is now of particular concern for in the past two decades we have flooded ourselves with what emanates from TVs and computers and cordless phones and WiFi, microwaves, radar, digital clocks, electric blankets, radios, medical and dental equipment, and of course cell phones.

According to a Christian biochemist and former victim of chemical poisoning, Tamara Jo Mariea, Phd., CCN, of Tennessee, who runs a center called Internal Balance (which specializes in identifying contamination and detoxifying the body), chemicals have been building in humans for four or five generations and electromagnetic waves are now exacerbating their effect -- not only doing their own long-term damage to human tissue but in some cases enhancing the toxic effects of chemicals (a phenomenon known as "synergism").

Radiation, she says, makes chemicals more potent.

And there are on average now 206 toxic compounds in human mother's milk, and 212 detected in the fetal blood supply.

Those are chemicals that they test for.

Many others may be there but are not monitored -- including some that formed through unknown combinations.

In Texas, scientists investigating cattle that died for no reason near refineries and chemical plants have found extremely long molecules for which they did not even have a name.

Many toxics collect in adipose or "fatty" tissue, which is prevalent in the breast (perhaps explaining in part why there is so much breast cancer), and there have been cases whereby obese people had such an accumulation in their fat that a swift loss of weight caused a toxic release into the rest of the body, which resulted in seizures.

Meanwhile, depending on which cancers are counted, one in three or so humans (some say even a higher rate, when skin is included) will suffer some form of a malignancy -- not exactly what nature -- what God -- intended.

Add to this all metals like aluminum, arsenic, mercury, titanium, and cadmium commonly in the modern body -- metals that can be carcinogenic or cause ailments like autism if in high enough concentration -- and we see the need to avoid such exposure wherever we can and perhaps even take measures to purge our bodies. It is why we have been focusing on healthy foods during the past few months.

We are at a "tipping point," believe an increasing number of scientists; various ailments that were once rare are all around us. Brain cancer. Autism. One in a hundred babies is now autistic -- and one in every 67 males (due to their hormonal differences).

Dr. Mariea had her own first-hand encounter with toxicity in September of 2002.

"September 11th, of all dates," she has recounted. "A lawn chemical came to our home in Kingwood, Texas, and I was told by the company that they were using safe pyrethrins on our lawn, trees and shrubs and that everything would be applied safely. As the days and weeks went on, I became increasing ill, with symptoms I have never experienced before in my life (i.e. confusion, dizziness, difficulty breathing, increased sensitivity to smell, irritability and finally nose bleeds and headaches).

"Nothing had changed in my life and environment other than the lawn company came.

"I contacted the company and asked for (a list) of the chemicals that were applied on my property.

"Sure enough, there it was, acephate/orthene, an organophosphate, one of the most deadly and damaging pesticides in use today. Luckily, I connected my symptoms to the potential dangers and symptoms of organophosphate poisoning. I donít know how it was coming into my home but it was and I was becoming seriously ill. I called the company, told them to cancel my contract and that I was certain that I was having trouble with their chemical. On October 11 an unannounced driver shows up to treat my property again (they did not cancel the contract and I was not home). They applied their treatment a second time.

"When I arrived home I was furious when I saw the little signs telling us to keep off the lawn. Within three days after that I could not walk, talk clearly (I was slurring and lisping) or think worth a darn. Finally, when blood came dripping out of my nose falling onto my desk and rolling out of my ears, I knew that I was on the way to the morgue real soon."

While her reaction was obvious, for many, the effects fly under the radar: doctors who are not trained to spot it (but instead themselves use an endless array of compounds as they "practice medicine"). The question: did God intend for us to change the array of nature? Is the body meant to deal with so many artificial compounds? Can what kills insects and weeds really be so harmless to other organisms?

This is not the stuff of tree-hugging. It is a health issue, and also a pro-life one: Many miscarriages are caused by chemicals, heavy metals, and other hidden components.

"I think the electromagnetic radiation is almost creating a synergistic effect and syndrome," warns the scientist. "You have epoxy generated from a computer screen and then with the radiation from the unit, it creates a phototoxin. That's what we're most concerned with now: the low-level electromagnetic radiation and how it's causing synergism."

High-definition televisions are a special problem, says the Christian biochemist, because they emit a plume of radiation extending nine to twelve feet in front of a large set and in some cases may contribute to seizures and early dementia, she alleges.

Throw in WiFi and we are "exacerbating an amazingly chaotic system" in the body, says Tamara.

"I don't know if we can measure a percentage of hazard -- between cell phones and being in the midst of a WiFi or being in a school with a wireless zone," she told us. "From a commonsensical perspective: if you're putting a microwave device to your head over and over and over again, based on what it does, it dehydrates you over and again and so when the membrane is dehydrated repetitively, it becomes dysfunctional. You can develop a tumor or -- who knows what."

She also hones in on vaccines -- which began to be used in a huge way in the 1980s, a period followed by an outbreak in autism, which she believes is due both to physical contamination like mercury in vaccinations and the spiritual aspect when one considers that many vaccines are derived from aborted-fetal stem-cell lines.

"I'm 43 and my generation and younger are the ones having all the autistic children," says Tamara. "Their tipping point is earlier and earlier in life, and there is potential contamination from those aborted fetal cell lines. There can be viruses and retroviruses in those fetal lines; no one can tell us those cell lines are clean. And what if it is also the spiritual implication of using aborted cell lines?

"Jesus Christ is light and life,"  Mariea adds, "but if our cell membranes are dark, it makes our cells shut off to that Light and life. In the near future are we going to be able to even pro-create any healthy children?"

"I am of the belief there is so much ignorance in the medical community about potential or real hazards vaccines represent that whether it's an intentional cover up or just a mishap and overgrowth of an industry (pharmaceutical) that is full of itself -- it doesn't matter what is behind the result, but that there is a bad result," she concludes. "I don't necessarily say all industry is evil, but I believe people can be used by Satan to do evil.

"From a spiritual perspective Satan banks on us not believing that he exists.

"The fact of the matter is that he is playing in our lives, but God can turn any bad situation into good. So yes, I believe that Satan is involved, and I pray for God's wisdom, discernment and protection from the evil one every day."

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