Ukrainian mystic warns against large war and speculates on time period for special evil powers

We spoke to Ukrainian mystic Josyp Terelya to catch up on his views and revelations he says he received between June 11, 2000, and October 4, 2001. Terelya is the Ukrainian mystic who spent twenty years in the Soviet gulag because of his faith. He has also claimed apparitions of the Virgin Mary. He now lives in Toronto, and occasionally still claims mystical events. 

So what does he have to say about events in the world?

Making it clear that it's his opinion (not necessarily a revelation), Josyp speculates that September 11 was the beginning of 42 months of a special power that will be exerted by the devil as part of a larger period. That doesn't mean that the purification will end there. There are many upcoming events. He still maintains, as he did in his book Witness, and as have others, that in the more distant future looms a monumental war between China and Russia and he has long mentioned 2020 as a possible time frame. Right now China and Russia seem like brothers because they both seek the diminution of the United States, which Terelya believes is in grave danger.  "Enemies surround America: the bear, the yellow dragon and the green serpent," he said in an earlier statement, the translation of which still needs checking. "They are allied for the times of evil."  

Josyp told us that way back on June 11, 2000 -- more than a year before September 11 -- he had begun painting a picture called "Holocaust - 11." He did not know what it meant, but he painted an island which he believes symbolized Manhattan, barbed wire from the island to the mainland, and a flag of the United States. The painting was completed on September 11. 

Terelya says its completion was preceded by certain mystical insights. "On July 11, I had a vision,"  he said in the previous statement that has been re-translated, and that we will present in the future if it is different in this aspect. "Once again I saw the number 11, and on August 11, I had a strange dream. I was walking through the woods and a large stream of muddied waters stopped me from continuing.  I began to walk around the stream and went northward.  I looked at my knapsack and I saw a rope. I took it into my hands.  I returned and began to tie knots in this rope. A wind arose and began to break the trees and to tear the grass and the bushes.  The blowing wind passed quickly. I headed along the road to Windsor. I looked up and saw a large plane falling from the heavens. I was so frightened that I woke up.     

Terelya told Spirit Daily he is concerned that Russia and China want to see the U.S. dragged into a large war -- and warned against this. "It should be done with special forces," he insists. "It's not good to go now against Muslim countries."

He stressed that this is his opinion. But he is insistent. He also warns that Bin Laden terrorists are in the former Soviet Union, specifically his homeland of Ukraine. "Be vigilant, that the devil does not take you by surprise," he advises everyone.

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