Deliverance expert confirms 3 a.m. phenomenon and says it's not just happening to Catholics

       We recently spoke to a deliverance expert who told us that the phenomenon of waking up right at 3 a.m. -- reported by countless Catholics -- is also a Protestant and non-denominational phenomenon.        She says it's happening to those who are spiritual warriors (as well as those who once had a brush with the occult). "This is going on everywhere," we were told by this expert, whose name we will keep anonymous. "It's not just in the Catholic realm. And the place where I see it is that anyone who has been involved with the occult and has come out; anyone who has been under attack by the occult; or has been involved in spiritual warfare anywhere -- all the people I've ever talked to who have been involved in any of that are all waking up at 3 a.m. I can't tell you how many. It's amazing! I think that's the time that warfare is the heaviest. I think that's the time because folks involved in witchcraft normally begin about midnight for their rituals and prayers and I think they peak around 3 a.m."

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