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Based on the original rosary, this incredibly powerful prayer includes all fifteen decades with a biblical meditation for each bead, we recommend this form of the rosary above all others as a potent source of grace and protection.  This rosary has origins in the psalms of David and brings us to the deepest mysteries of Mary and Christ.   Hardcover.  Highest recommendation! CLICK HERE


From the mailbag:

Once more, folks are waking at three a.m.

Once more, we're getting mail from people who say they're being awoken at 3 a.m., nearly as if a silent spiritual alarm goes off at precisely that hour. We've written about this before: how countless Christians of all denominations find themselves suddenly awake at that time and feel compelled to pray. "I am running into and hearing about a lot of people who had a sudden urge to pray either the night before or that morning, before the towers got hit," writes one viewer from Ohio. "Personally, I have been awakened a lot lately at 3 a.m. and the only way I can get back to sleep is to pray."

In the past we have wondered if it's an hour of mercy (the night-time version of the afternoon Divine Mercy chaplet hour), or whether it's connected to the fact that from midnight to three a.m. witches hold their rituals and unleash spirits that the Holy Spirit may be awakening us to pray away.

Who knows. Maybe the veil between worlds is thinnest at this hour. Many pray the Rosary or Divine Mercy chaplets, or read Scripture. These are all excellent. Prayer is so crucial right now. We need to pray more than to talk.

There are also viewers who have been hearing strange booming noises. This is interesting because the "1990 prophecy" we have been studying mentioned "strange loud rumblings" that would come at the time of regional chastisements. "Just wondering if more people have been reporting awakening around three a.m. to pray," writes another viewer from the West Coast. "This has happened a few times to me but none like 3:33 a.m. this morning (10/23). I had a dream of lying in bed and hearing and being shaken by what sounded like the biggest BOOM -- like ten times louder than the loudest scariest thunder you've ever heard. Then, scared in the dream, I said four Hail Marys and the Memorare. I then awoke (tearful, perspiring) saying the Rosary (all fifteen decades) and the St. Michael prayer. This was a literal wake-up call to prayer. I had an inside feeling of hearing. 'I need you.' I think we all needed to pray, especially now."

Such noises have even made the newspapers in places like Lewiston, Maine [see article]. "More and more people were talking about bright lights, rumbling sounds, and rattling buildings," said the article. "The reports came from all over the area."

Others are seeing angels in the clouds or other heavenly formations. This we heard recently from Morrisville, Pennsylvania, where one viewer writes that he saw "two magnificent orange streaks about forty degrees above the horizon. I had never seen anything like it."

As it says in Scripture: there will be signs in the sky (Luke 21:25), and as we have pointed out, striking angelic images have been seen in the northern lights -- as well as many demonic images in smoke from the World Trade Center.

It's as if the angels are touching down, and as they do -- as they descend -- the demons are dispersing and manifesting in all directions. They're being smoked out!

The angels are on the scene, and with them we are called at all hours to pray, pray, pray.

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