I read with great interest your article titled, "Why are people waking up at
3 a.m.?" For several years now, since returning to the Catholic faith in
1995, I have experienced the phenomena of waking at 3:00 am. In many
instances I wake up at precisely 3:00, other times I wake up sometime
between 3:00 and 3:15. In almost every case, I find myself reciting the
Prayer to St. Michael, the Hail Mary, and other prayers. In many cases, the
awakening is accompanied by feelings of dread and anxiety, as if something
terrible is about to happen. In a very few cases, the awakening is
accompanied by a sense of the presence of evil. After about an hour, the
feeling subsides and I return to sleep (after a prayer of thanks).

        I agree with your assessment of the 3:00am hour's connection with the
occult. It's often called the "witching hour." It is most definitely a good
time to pray.


     This is so strange. I too have had the same experiences. I am a
practicing Catholic, married with two children. Although my wife is
Lutheran we are rising the kids Catholic. I have not mentioned this to my
     Last night I heard my 3 year old son sneeze three times. I got up to see
what time it was and it said 3:03. I got up to check on the kids and then I
laid awake for about an hour saying endless Hail Marys.
     I'm usually spooked by this. That's why I pray till I fall back to sleep.
The best advice from this web page is to use the arsenal that the Church
gives us, prayer and the sacraments. 

    Regarding the 3 day question in this article, Jesus Christ was in
the tomb 3 days. I believe that the new day began and ended at 6:00 P.M.
He would therefore have been in the tomb during part of three days, i.e.
Friday, Saturday and Sunday. It says that he arose on the 3rd day.

P. S. - I have also awaked and looked at the clock, both analog in one
case and digital at 3:00 in the morning. I have said the Chaplet of
Mercy. Also, why would satan want us to pray to Christ regardless of
what the hour is?

     I just wanted to add that - sometimes I do wake up in the middle of the 
night - not exactly at 3 AM though but at 3:33 AM. I just think it is 
unusual and it makes me think of the Trinity. I need to try to pray more 
when I wake up at this hour and thank you for the article about it - to 
help me realize it may be important to at least say a small prayer!

     Probably Christ "rose from the dead" (after descending
into Hell) on the third day (Easter Sunday) at 3AM.
Three being a sacred number. 3AM being shortly
before dawn.

     I have also recently been waking up and praying the
Divine Mercy chaplet during the 3AM hour.

I believe this is a forerunner to the return of Christ,
in glory. "Stanley's" messages would seem to
indicate this as well.


     Your story on SpiritDaily about waking up at the 3:00 AM hour is something I too am wondering about. If you think about it, though, the time of Christ's last breath (3:00 PM Good Friday) and our belief that he rose sometime early Sunday morning, it is clear that the event did not span 3 solar days (72 Hours). 

     In fact it would have to be less than 40 hours. If one were to speculate, it is clear that the only way Jesus could fulfill (satisfy the requirements) of the prophesy (including both his statements to the Pharisee's about destroying and rebuilding the Temple in 3 days and watching for the sign of Jonah) was to be literally dead for a minimum of 36 hours.

     Frankly, I am surprised that the issue of a literal 72 hours vs. the seemingly more scripturally correct less than 40 hours has not lead to more analysis in the past. It is obvious that it was not, literally, 72 hours.

What do you think?


     Not everyday, but often, I wake up at 3am, sometimes praying, sometimes thinking of God, sometimes neither, but then, compelled to do pray. 

     My impression had always been that it was Divine Mercy hour. I'm not always compelled to say the chaplet, but sometimes actually wake up saying "Holy God...Holy Mighty One...Holy Immortal One..." etc. 

     Again, only my impressions, but I think it's neat that others are compelled to do the same. I rarely get the impression it is to combat a "mirrored" hour (or three) of evil - although, upon reflection, it has occured to me upon waking every once in a while. I also love the confirmation that God is moving others to this. How cool is that?

Take care, and God Bless! 


     Michael - thanks for the verification.

     This began happening to me about 7 yrs ago also. 

     The first few times I woke to an internal commanding/demanding male
voice saying "PRAY!" or "NOW!" Sometimes it felt like a shove to wake me. As I often ask to be knocked upside the head if necessary, I thought it was my guardian angel saying someone was in need. So Divine Mercy Chaplet and/or Rosary were muttered in haste. Later, in time, the URGENCY was discerned. The reality of NEED. Then sincere pray work began each morning at 3, until I fell asleep again.

     After the first couple of months, I would sometimes ask "just who is it
I'm praying for?" Different names would come to me. Some Priests. Then I stopped asking. And just trusted that I didn't need to know. I became my version of a prayer warrior. That's about the time I discovered your books.

     My prayer partners at the time laughingly called it my "3am wake up call".

     While at WLAE in the seminary in New Orleans, a few of us met daily at 3pm
for Divine Mercy Chaplet down the hall in the very small adoration chapel for seminarians. They agreed with this discernment.

     As time went by, it began to happen to another in my Tuesday night Marian
Movement of Priest Rosary group. And is now true of the MMP group in Baton Rouge, my new home.

     You are right. 
     From my time in the early 70's with new agers, the discipline was to
ooommm at 3 am. It is our PRAYER CALL in this spiritual battle. And the Holy Spirit is
sounding in a whole platoons of people. We don't know each other, but we each hear the call. It is amazing. (Awesome is our God.)

Jesus I truly Trust in You.


Dear Michael("Who is like God?"),

     When the Jews referred to a 3 day period they did not mean 72 hours.
Colloquially, they meant " a three day period". The most accurate
translation of "in three days" is "on the third day."

     With deep admiration for your work


     I have many times been awakened at 3am. But during a particularly
difficult and trying time, I was being attacked in varying ways by
harrassing spirits. One of the ways they attempted to intimidate me was
by "rearranging" my furniture. Of the 5 times that happened, I believe 4
of them occured during the 3 o'clock am hour. One I am sure of, because
the sound of my glass coffee table top banging down on the wrought iron
frame woke me up at just after 3am. Talk about terrifying! The other
instances I discovered upon entering the room in the morning. So I read
with interest what you wrote about these spirits being conjured up at
that hour to harass people. 

Lord have mercy!

God bless


Rosary to the Glory of God the Eternal Father

     This Rosary was taught to Eugénie Nyirimbabazi in Kibeho, Rwanda, Africa,
on November 28, 1986, by God, the Eternal Father. 
She was told that this message must be known and understood by everyone
on earth so that they may know the love of God who created them. 
This same message was also part of the seven messages given to Ernest
Rutaganda, while he was in prison because of his faith, in Kigali,
Rwanda, in 1990, when Jesus told him to fight the temptations of the
     Jesus said: "It should be recited at 3:00 a.m. in the prayer corner or
chapel in your home, but at 3:00 p.m. it should be recited in a church."
If however, you cannot go to church at 3:00 p.m. because of your work, go
after work to any church and while meditating, ask God to accept your
"time" as being 3:00 p.m. His time. 
     He added that this Rosary must be recited every day without interruption,
while meditating on His sorrowful mysteries. 
     Jesus said: "I was scourged 1584 times. A great number of the blows
inflicted excruciating pain as they tore and stripped away my flesh, but
blows that didn't tear the flesh were so numerous that they could not be
     Anyone who recites this Rosary, must meditate on the fifteen (15)
sorrowful mysteries which Jesus endured on Holy Thursday. 

     I told my husband last night about the article on people waking up at 3:00 a.m. He told me I should ask you if there is any significance to the number 444. 

     About 5 years ago, we attended a CBA show in Denver. I saw an old train in a train yard with the numbers 444....since then that number has been popping up everywhere....there was even a time when I was waking up at 4:44 a.m. I've gone to Matthew, Mark, Luke and John 4th Chapter, 4th Verse, 4th Line (word) and nothing jumps out at me. 

Do you know if there is any significance to that number??


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